We don't just build software.

We build developers.

Custom Application Development

Build applications from scratch or in collaboration with your developers and architects

Legacy Application Modernization

Update applications built with legacy technologies to leverage modern platforms and tools

Multi-Format Developer Training

Feed your developers with classes delivered live, virtually, or on-demand

"We originally partnered with Wintellect for training and consulting due to their great reputation as leaders in the .NET development space, and after years of working together, they continue to prove themselves to be a most valuable contributor to our continued success."

-Charles Snellgrove, Chief Technology Officer, Minitab

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Cross-platform? No problem!

Why write separate versions of an app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone in separate languages when you could write it once in C# and have it run on all three platforms? Wintellect is a certified Xamarin Consulting Partner whose staff includes Xamarin-certified multi-platform engineers. With Xamarin, we can build native apps for all the popular platforms for little more than the cost of building a native app for a single platform.


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How AngularJS fits into your Enterprise Web Strategy

We pioneered the use of AngularJS in enterprise web applications while it was still in its infancy. We’ve successfully implemented it in large-scale apps with hundreds of services and controllers supporting tens of thousands of lines of code with dozens of developers working in parallel. We’ve been shoulder to shoulder with the original authors of Angular and are contributors ourselves. Let us leverage that experience to help your team build a successful Angular application.


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The most successful companies have their heads in the cloud

First we moved our online properties to the cloud. Then we offered the same to our customers. As a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner and a company with deep experience writing cloud-based solutions, we know how to build apps that scale to infinite heights and cost less to operate and maintain. Why build expensive data centers and implement complex patch-management strategies when Microsoft and other cloud providers will do it for you? Let the cloud free you to do what you do best. Your customers will thank you for it.


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We wrote the book on .NET

Our involvement with .NET started before version 1.0, when we worked with the teams at Microsoft that created the Common Lanugage Runtime and the .NET Framework. Since then, we've continued on hundreds of .NET projects, contributed our own code to the platform, and trained thousands of software developers worldwide - many of them at Microsoft itself - on writing fast, secure, and maintainable C# code.


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World-class developer training delivered directly to your desktop or mobile device

Over the years, we've trained more than 35,000 software developers and earned the distinction of being Microsoft's #1 internal training vendor. And now that same training from world-class instructors such as Jeffrey Richter and John Robbins is available at your convenience for a low monthly fee.


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