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First, the bad news: A while ago, Microsoft Press and I bantered around the idea of producing a version of my "CLR via C#" book targeted towards C++/CLI users. The book was going to be titled "CLR via C++/CLI" (catchy title, eh?). As I am not a C++/CLI expert,we thought we'd find another author for me to work with to produce the book. Unfortunatel, we were unable to find an author and this book project is officially dead.

Now, the good news: My last Win32 book came out around 2000. Several years ago, Microsoft Press declared the book out-of-print which made it near impossible for anyone to fnd. Well, I am revising the book wih a co-author. The book will be updated for Windows Vista/Server 2008 and the book should be out by the end of 2007. The tentative title is "Windows via C++, 5th Edition"

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  1. Very cool. Now that .Net has drawn most attention away from Win32 (and also COM), it is always nice to see new books being published about native programming. .Net is a great platform, but I still love the power of Win32 :)

  2. That's great news. For far too long recently native Win32 coding has been avoided. I find it sad that John Robbins focus on it has reduced hugely.... :(


  3. Thanks for the update.

    Actually, I like what transpired even better. .Net can kiss my big behind: C++ and direct compilation is where it's at, at least as far as I am concerned. One day we'll see .Net in the same pile of garbabe with DDE, OLE1 and so on.

    I'm looking forward to the Richter Win32 book update! Really.

  4. I wish you would write a book on MultiThreading & Synchronization aspects of programming. Since the processors of tomorrow are going to be multi-core there would be a lot of interest in that direction. Your book would be invaluable for any Windows developer. The Threading topics in CLR via C# were superb.
    I dont program in C++ anymore but I would be sure to buy your next book.

  5. I have to agree. I am very happy to see you coming out with an updated win32 book. I still spend most of my time in the c++ world and will remain there as long as I can.

  6. Arnost Löbel

    That is sad news indeed, the one about C++/CLI, that is. There is so a few books about C++/CLI and even fewer that are worth reading. It's almost like somebody does not want us to use C++ in .NET anymore. Could there be a conspiracy? I was desperately looking forward to read this one and now you've told us it's dead. Sad, sad, sad.

  7. Long overdue! This is excellent news, congratulations! I hope every Windows developer reads this book (as they should have read the 4th edition). I am pre-ordering the book right now!

  8. I will be eagerly waiting for this Win32 book. Heck, I am going to preorder on amazon. Thanks!

  9. The quality of your articles and previous books leads me to believe this will be a hit. However, I program in .NET exclusively now so I am going to hold my breath and hope you come out with a third edition of CLR via C# updated for .NET 3.5 of course :)

  10. Can you post the full table of contents for Windows via C++, 5th Edition? I haven't been able to find it listed anywhere!

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