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CLR via C#, 3rd Edition

I have been asked by many people if I will be updating my CLR via C# book for .NET 4.0.

Well, I'm happy to report that the answer is YES! I have already signed the contract with Microsoft Press and have been busy writing.

The new edition keeps its focus on the CLR and the C# language. And, since I didn't update the book for C# 3, I will actually be adding C# 3.0 content as well as C# 4.0 content. And, of course, I'll be covering the new features/changes between CLR 2.0 and 4.0.

The goal is to get the book out by the time .NET 4.0 ships. All looks good and I should easily be able to make this deadline.

On Jun 17 2009 8:40 AMBy jeffreyr With 60 Comments

Comments (60)

  1. Glad to hear it! CLR view C# v2 was the first programming book I read out of college, and I learned a ton.

  2. what about a new version of "windows via c/c++" for Win 7? Considering the many native features such as PPL, WWSAPI, I am really looking forward to that.

  3. Waw! I am waiting for this since long time. I will look forward for reading it. I wish many of readers would love to verify source examples if made available

  4. It will be great if book will be available on Amazon in Kindle format. I'd buy it when it will be available. Thanks!

  5. Greetings from Portugal!

    I don’t want to pressure you, but you actually have a big responsibility: the 2nd edition was a piece of art, can you match that? I hope so… :)

  6. Really good news!Thank you :) CLR via C# was one of the most interesting books that covered a lot for me.

  7. Sounds like THE book of the greatest magnitude (on the Richter scale ;)

    Definitely another best seller.

  8. Jyoti Prasad Pal

    Great news for all .NET lovers.
    I bought CLR via C# 2nd edition yesterday. It would be great to read 3rd edition when it is in market.

  9. Great news. The first and second editions are easily one of the most valuable as well as pleasurable technical books that I have read on .Net. Looking forward to the third edition.

  10. it is indeed a great news. we are expecting a book on new version of dot net from one of the most intellectual authors. Go(o)d wishes...

  11. I'm about to buy the book, CLR via C#.
    Need some advice. Shall I wait for 3rd Edition or purchase the 2nd edition.

  12. I don't know how to answer your question. If you could benefit form teh .NET 2.0 content now, then buy the current edition. If you can wait until early 2010 and if you need the .NET 4 content, then wait.

  13. Please, answer: when will you update "Windows via C/C++" for Windows 7? I just don't know if I should buy this book now or wait till next edition...

  14. I do not plan to update Windows via C/C++ for Windows 7. The current version will be the newest version at leats until Windows 8 (probably longer).

  15. Great news, look forward to getting a copy of it next year.

    CLR via C# is definitely the best book on .NET, but I'd also like to add that Steven Pratschner's "Customizing the Common Language Runtime(Microsoft Press 2006)" provides more details on how the CLR works. I really wish these two books could be updated together (and combined into one title??), but can't find any announcements about updating that book for .NET 4.0 on Steven's blog, though, which is really a pity.

  16. jeff,

    I still have only your first edition.

    I am really ambiguous how much of info i am missing with the newer editions.

    are the updates so comprehensive and new that i have to upgrade to the newer editions?

  17. Hello from Ukraine :) I've read your prev. edition of "CLR via C#" and need to say that's it the most useful book about .NET internals I've ever read. Waiting for next one, good luck !

  18. Nikhil Shirke

    I have read CLR via C# found to be very good, covery topics in depth. Could you please let me know by when new version of the book would be available ?

  19. Good to hear that....
    The best ever c# book coming up with 3.0 and 4.0 features....
    Can wait to see it !!

  20. Great news...
    The best ever C# book coming up with 3.0/4.0 features.
    Looking forward to it!!!

  21. Hello Mr. Jeffrey.

    I have read your first book with excitement and now again is too hungry for the next one. Thank you very much for sharing such an experience with us.
    The second edition of the book is from must-have list for any developer and I'm sure that everyone, who hadn't read it yet, must do it, because only after that he/she can feel himself satisfied with the knowledge about .net.

    Thank you once more and hope once in my life a chance will smile and I will meet you.

  22. what places will sell CLR via C# 3rd Edition? amazon uk sells it for £45.99, which is absurd.

    also, do you plan on making a kindle version available?

  23. C# code to skip two days to reach Feb 15 please..

    I have both version and I am eagerly waiting to get 3rd version..

    I am really a fan of Jeffrey..

  24. Shyam Kumar Sohane

    I read the book .net 2.0 , its an amazing book which describes the .net internals. I am eagerly waiting for the book on 4.0 framework. :)

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  27. Sergiy Shumakov

    Hello Jeffrey, thanks for your excellent "CLR Via C#" book. It gave me a lot knowledge about CLR and .NET

  28. Wooohoo !!
    CLR Via C# 2.0, The best investment i made from my first job's first salary.I hope this one too shall enlighten us with your knowledge (internals) of .NET 4.0

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