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CrashFinder 2.55: A Bug Fix and x64 Support!

Thanks to Dave Scherer who reported a problem in CrashFinder where the 32-bit version running on x64 wasn't properly handling the WOW64 version of NTDLL.DLL because it is missing the import table. In doing the fix I figured it was the time to produce an x64 version of CrashFinder. Download the code here. As always, let me know if you find a problem. My mail address is 'john' at this company.

On Jul 5 2006 5:21 PMBy jrobbins With 16 Comments

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  1. Hi John, Was the lint output I sent you of some possible memory management issues in Crashfinder 2.55 of use? By the way, did you know that this web page doesn't render correctly in Firefox Mike

  2. Hi john,

    thanks for your excellent tool at first!

    I downloaded you new release and compiled it on my XP SP2 machine, the IDE is VS2005 and I also have the lastest SDK installed. but unfortunately the result cannot work at all! i traced it and found that when I want to open a .exe, a call to SymGetModuleInfo64 failed with the error code 67(The parameter is incorrect.) I want to know what's up and how to work out it.

    If you need more information, please contact bingfeng.zhao (at)


  3. I'd like add some another info.
    when I try to open a .exe(the OpenFile dialog don't show still), the call to SymGetModuleInfo64 failed with error 203 (The system could not find the environment option that was entered), and the next call to that API return above post mentioned error.
    BYW, My machinie is under a domain-controled environment, and my login user belongs to administrator group.

  4. Sorry for my mistake!
    I set many breakpoints and its make me somewhat mad:( I withdraw the last post, it's just OK.

  5. I'm changing from VC98 to VS8 and I have troubles keeping the good old Petzold development method working. Never used Visual and try to keep it that way, but MAPINFO:LINES was heaven for any crash could be handled. Microsoft like they try to eliminate any competion! I think this crashfinder is heavon on earth. Keep on doing the good work!

  6. Hi,

    I try to compile CrashFinder_2.55 on vs2005. It passed comipler, but
    there is assertion when running it. The question is that does it run with vs2005 ?


  7. It looks like it reads the addresses into a DWORD (32 bit), truncating down to 32 bit. I've got a fix if anyone's interested.

  8. John, the bug reported by bingfeng dated from April 28th, 2007 seems not to be solved at all until today. I still ran into the same trouble when building the binary under VS2003 from the provided sources. However, GetLastError() reports error 87 here after calling ::SymGetModuleInfo64 (not 67 as stated by bingfeng), which indeed means 'The parameter is incorrect'. Will you still provide a fix for this issue in the near future? I really don't wanna miss this excellent tool!

  9. Bernd,

    You don't have the latest version of DBGHELP.DLL and SYMSRV.DLL in the same directory as CrashFinder.EXE. Copy those two DLLs from your Debugging Tools for Windows (WinDBG) install and you'll be set.

    John Robbins

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