Still seats available in the upcoming Wintellect WPF virtual class

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Once or twice a year Wintellect offers my Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) class as a two day virtual online class. it’s a busy two days, I cram a lot information about WPF basics into a short amount of time. it is always hard for me to decide what to include in these two days; you see I have about eight days worth of the material that I’ve written over the last couple years. Yes WPF is a big framework.  Anyway I put together a good two days worth of topics and the class is always a lot of fun and filled with great people asking interesting questions.

We are offering the class again this summer on August 30th.  Looks like we still have some seats available for the class so please join me for the two days.   I promise you’ll learn a lot about WPF and have a good time in the process.

Sign up here.

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