Consulting Solutions

Wintellect Consulting offers the full spectrum of custom software development services to fit the varied needs of our customers, from mid-level and low footprint expert design, to full lifecycle, beginning to end, enterprise-software development. We combine this with access to our top tier Training offerings to offer the best possible value to our customers.

Advanced Solutions

Advanced solutions provide mission critical services for your business. It’s how we got started with our Consulting practice and built our world class reputation! These services involve critical offerings that go beyond standard development and programming with additional services unique to Wintellect, such as:

  • Critical Architecture Definition, Assessment, and Design – Wintellect can review and assess your current software architecture, or design the architecture for your system. We can review your architecture to make sure it uses the appropriate mix of technologies so that it will scale for the future and be easy to change and maintain. We can review your software from a security perspective, or make sure the layers are using appropriate best practices, patterns, separation of concerns and the like.
  • Azure Cloud Computing – Wintellect brings to the table deep expertise in the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. We develop Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) applications for our customers, and leverage Azure's capabilities to run our own business as well, including our highly scalable video on-demand service WintellectNOW.
  • Proofs-of-Concept and R & D – Wintellect can help you proof out a technology or figure out how to build a system integration point, product feature or architecture framework. We can help you to see what is possible with a current or emerging technology, or you just need a jump start to get going quickly on a particular development initiative.
  • SWAT Team Debugging - Wintellect is unique in offering a world class Debugging practice with the skills to resolve the nastiest and meanest bugs plaguing our industry. We have solved hundreds of “show stopper” bugs for companies of all sizes. Our debugging staff is headed up by John Robbins, author of the book Debugging .NET and Windows Applications, MSDN Magazine’s Bugslayer column, and one of the world’s most recognized debugging experts.
  • Silverlight Modernization - Many customers are asking themselves where to go with their Silverlight investments. What technology stack should you move to in the future, and to what platform should you migrate your existing Silverlight applications? Wintellect can help as you with a number of Microsoft and Open Source solutions, like ASP.NET MVC, Web API, OWIN, and Javascript client libraries.
  • Next Generation Web UX - Wintellect is an enthusiastic participant in the rapid changes in web application development, with skills and experience in the latest cutting edge web technologies such as AngularJS, Bootstrap, and TypeScript. These technologies are enabling the next generation of dynamic and rich web-based and cloud based systems. Wintellect is building these systems right now and can help you get through the maze of technology options.
  • Code Reviews and Analysis - We work with your team to review your code for correct use, best patterns and practices, scalability, security, maintainability, and any other areas you desire to focus on or assess.
  • Extreme Support - Wintellect provides access to top-tier experts through retainer based Extreme Support. When you absolutely need help from the best in the business – when your job and your project’s success is on the line – Wintellect can help.
  • Technology Planning - With major technology changes involving web technologies like JavaScript and HTLM5, platforms such as Windows 10, new mobile and device options, it’s important to understand the technology and platform roadmap ahead, and the options and tradeoffs available. Wintellect has deep knowledge and experience with current and emerging technologies as well as a long history of partnering relationships with Microsoft.

Cooperative Development

We work with your team to jointly complete the project and provide knowledge transfer on technology and the Agile methodology. The focus with Cooperative Development services revolves around integrating your own developers into the overall project team, providing knowledge transfer via the opportunity to work side by side with top engineers, and combining this with required Training on specific technologies if needed.

With Cooperative Development, we work together to deliver your system so you can easily take over when the engagement is complete. And you save valuable dollars by leveraging your existing staff. We can take the lead on project management, we can work jointly together, or the Wintellect team can work under the direction of your own project management. We use a model that is flexible and focused on delivering a successful project outcome.

Full Life Cycle Project Development

We assume start-to-finish responsibility for the entire project. From analysis and design, through implementation and testing, our consultants have real world experience across a wide breadth of business areas and technologies. Wintellect areas of expertise include project management; application architecture and design; software implementation; debugging services; and demo and content creation.

  • Architecture assessment
  • Application development
  • Agile project management and process
  • Design (UI and UX)
  • Full lifecycle software development
  • Debugging and Performance tuning
  • Database design and development
  • Technologies
  • Windows 10
  • JavaScript and HTLM5 technologies
  • Windows Phone and Mobile
  • Microsoft .NET and WinRT
  • Azure and cloud services
  • SQL Server
  • WPF and Silverlight