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Stop fighting Node.js in the enterprise

Dave Banister

19 Mar , 2014  

In 1995 there were around 40 million people on the internet, but by 2011 there were almost 4.5 billion. The average computer has gotten so ridiculously fast that my phone has more processing power than the server that hosted my first website. Internet connections have improved so much that buying a physical copy of any media just seems silly. Web services now exist to commoditize almost any functionality a website needs. Elastic computing has made scaling almost trivial. With each of those changes, web development has shifted. With each shift, the basic client-side technologies had to adapt, and we’re now at a point where forcing most application functionality into the browser isn’t just a possibility, it’s a necessity if you want to keep up with the competition. Over the past 2 decades JavaScript along with its frameworks, tools, and patterns have evolved and are is still evolving. Somewhere along the way JavaScript morphed from a sacrilegious language used only when absolutely necessary, to a fully vibrant first-class citizen of web development.

With the rise of Node.js in recent years, there appears to be a lot of resistance to using JavaScript on the server and even more resistance to Node.js itself. In my opinion, this resistance is based on varying degrees of misunderstandings, misinformation, and an archaic view of JavaScript in general.… Read more

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