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How Wintellect uses Microsoft Azure

Steve Porter

13 Aug , 2014  

Starting around two years ago we started moving all of our internal business applications, tools, and web properties over to Microsoft Azure.  As with any transition there were bumps in the road but overall the move has been a huge blessing and very positive experience for us.  We have seen a dramatic decrease in total cost of ownership (TCO) including much lower hosting and maintenance costs.  It’s also been really nice to have easy access to everything through the management portal.

What We Use

We currently have a wide range of sites and services hosted in Azure using everything from Azure Websites to Recovery Services.  Here’s a list of all the Azure functionality we currently utilize:

  • Azure Websites
  • Cloud Services
  • SQL Databases
  • Table and Blob Storage
  • Recovery Services
  • Virtual Machines
  • Mobile Services
  • Add-ons
  • Azure Active Directory

How We Use It

We have all of our internal systems and public web properties hosted on Azure.  We currently have three internal business process applications running on a combination of Virtual Machines, Azure Web Sites, and SQL Servers.  We also have our two public facing web properties, and, hosted on Azure Websites and utilizing a combination of storage services.  There’s a ton to talk about so I’m going to cherry pick a few specific topics for this post that are especially interesting.… Read more

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