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Wintellect’s Jeff Prosise Interviewed on!

Paul Ballard

17 Jun , 2015  

Wintellect Co-Founder Jeff Prosise was recently a guest on the latest episode of Coding 101 on  Father Robert Ballecer who calls himself the “Digital Jesuit” interviewed Jeff with Lou Maresca from Microsoft and they covered many topics starting with how Jeff got started with computer science having come from an engineering background before getting caught up in PC programming on the Commodore 64.  They also discussed some of the challenges faced by developers in Jeff’s experience including how process or more precisely the lack of appropriate process is often the biggest impedence to success.

The discussion turned to building cross platform applications and Jeff discussed how he moved to Xamarin and Xamarin Forms development.   While taking questions from the audience, he give this excellent advice for developers who are wondering whether they should follow the money to iOS or Android.

 Go where your passion is, because at the end of the day you’re going to have the greatest chance of success if you are doing something you’re passionate about.

For more nuggets of wisdom from one of the most experienced software experts in the industry, check out the full interview at… Read more

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Modern Web Development 101

Dave Baskin

8 Feb , 2015  

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Modern Web” before. It embodies the idea of a constantly evolving, exciting platform that unique and powerful user experiences can be built upon. It is a platform that new capabilities are added to regularly, not waiting for long release cycles.

And maybe you’ve been asked to build a “modern web application”.

So what does that mean exactly? Perhaps you’ve already got a few HTML pages, some nice-looking CSS along with pleasing images, and some Javascript to give the pages that extra little pizzazz. What else do you need?

Let’s look at what a Modern Web Application might look like, considering only the pieces that are loaded into the browser (the client-side pieces), putting aside for now the whole story about what is running on the web server itself.

Client-Side Code

Javascript is the language that the browser knows how to speak. It is a dynamic language, meaning that it doesn’t get compiled first, like a Java or C# application would. A compilation step helps identify certain types of errors in your code, but with Javascript, you’ll need additional help in determining whether your code is correct or not.

Some choose to do this with the language itself.… Read more

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Get 2015 Started Off on the Right Foot

Paul Ballard

30 Dec , 2014  

Get ready to put your best foot forward with these geek tips for starting the new year right.

As 2014 draws to a close, we begin look ahead for what lies in store for the next year.  While most New Year’s resolutions seldom see February 1st, these tech tips can be implemented so fast you won’t have time to lose your initiative.

Change your passwords

The past several months have certainly shown the havoc that can be wrought by unscrupulous jerks with access to other people’s data.  Taking the time to reset your passwords is a great start, but you should also be thinking how you’re going to manage your security credentials for the new year.  Here are some things to consider.… Read more

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Wanna Build a Snowman? Let Anna and Elsa Teach Your Kids to Code

Paul Ballard

25 Nov , 2014  

Disney and have teamed up to create a special “Hour of Code” tutorial based on Disney’s hit movie “Frozen”!

Your kids can learn the basics or programming like loops, branches, and functions in this interactive tutorial while helping Frozen’s Elsa and Anna build beautiful snowflakes.  The tutorial uses visual representations of code structures and instructions to make learning basic coding concepts easier.frozentutorial

Celebrities and technologists, including Polyvore CEO Jess Lee, app developer and model Lyndsey Scott, Microsoft engineer Paola Mejia, and model Karlie Kloss (a beginner who’s learning to code herself), will provide short video lectures to guide students. The girl-power theme of the tutorial is a continuation of our efforts to expand diversity in computer science and broaden female participation in the field, starting with younger students.  — Tumblr Post

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Are you a “Genius” Coder?

Paul Ballard

24 Oct , 2014  

Show off your skills and prove to us all what Genius code really looks like!

I was recently at the movie theater when I saw a trailer for the upcoming cyber-thriller “Blackhat“.  In the trailer Chris Hemsworth plays an all too handsome hacker (aren’t we all) who is described by some vague and mysterious authority figure as “a genius coder”.  Other movies have called their leading hackers “gifted” or “talented”.  That got me wondering, “What would the code of a genius coder look like?”  A clever new algorithm?  The ability to turn 8-bit graphics into a multi-million dollar franchise?  Or perhaps like Hugh Jackman in the movie Swordfish it’s just the ability to code under even the most unusual of deadline?

I’ve seen quite a bit of code in my 20+ year career, some of it good but sadly much more if it bad.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any that I would call genius.  But maybe that’s just me; maybe I’ve been playing in the minor leagues all these years.  So here’s a challenge for our readers.  Tell us about an example of what makes you a “genius” coder, or at least a particularly gifted one.  Hit the comment links below and let your uber-geek flag fly.… Read more