Jeffrey Richter’s Guide to Working with Azure Storage Tables via C# and other .NET Languages


Jeffrey Richter has worked with Azure Storage Tables for years and acquired a lot of lessons along the way. Jeffrey Richter’s Guide to Working with Azure Storage Tables via C# and other .NET Languages shares with you those lessons learned and ways you can be more effective using Azure Storage Tables. In addition to the Guide, Jeffrey put together the Wintellect Azure Storage Library, available on NuGet, that you can use to improve your team’s productivity working with Azure Storage Tables.


Programming the Windows Runtime by Example, by Jeremy Likness and John Garland


The most thorough hands-on guide the building Windows Store apps using C# and XAML. Written by Microsoft MVPs and Windows 8.1 experts Jeremy Likness and John Garland, this book provides over 80 sample projects that illustrate every aspect of the Windows Runtime (WinRT) from data, networking, and encryption to cloud services, globalization, packaging, and deployment.


Windows Runtime via C#, by Jeffrey Richter and Maarten van de Bospoort


Get a thorough grounding in the Windows Runtime—and apply your C# skills to building innovative apps for the Windows Store. Guided by Jeff Richter, a recognized master of Windows programming, along with principal Windows consultant Maarten van de Bospoort, this book provides pragmatic guidance on the non-UI side of Windows development, and features a wealth of examples in Microsoft Visual C# 2012.


Windows Store Apps Succinctly by John Garland – Get Your Free E-Book from Syncfusion


Windows Store apps present a radical shift in Windows development. They place content and interaction above all else to provide users with immersive, intuitive application experiences. With Windows Store Apps Succinctly by John Garland, you’ll be guided through obtaining a developer license, to managing your application’s life cycle and storage, all the way to submitting your app to the Windows Store.

Building Windows 8 Apps with C# And XAML by Jeremy Likness


This is the first practical guide to building breakthrough applications for Windows 8 from project templates through publication to the new Windows Store. Microsoft “MVP of the Year” Jeremy Likness helps you combine your existing developer skills with new Visual Studio 2012 tools and best practices to create apps that are intuitive and innovative. His guidance and insight will help you dive into Windows 8 development—and gain a powerful competitive advantage for years to come.

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CLR Via C# by Jeffrey Richter


Dig deep and master the intricacies of the common language runtime, C#, and .NET development. Learn from Jeffrey Richter, a longtime consultant to the Microsoft .NET team—and gain pragmatic insights for building robust, reliable, and responsive apps and components.


Power Threading Library


Wintellect’s own Jeffrey Richter has produced the Power Threading library (DLL) containing many classes to help with threading and asynchronous programming. There are versions of the library for the .NET Framework, Silverlight, and the .NET Compact Framework. Jeffrey has described many of the classes contained in the library by way of his MSDN Magazine Concurrent Affairs columns. The library also contains some non-threading related classes for working with exceptions, command-line parsing, and more.


Windows via C/C++ by Jeffrey Richter and Christopher Nasarre


Get the preeminent guide to programming application for Windows with C or C++. Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows is a classic book (formerly titled Advanced Windows, Third Edition) and is now fully updated for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.


Power Collections Library


Wintellect’s Power Collections library extends the .NET Framework’s Class Library with an assortment of collection classes. The Power Collections library, documentation, and licensing information is available on CodePlex, Microsoft’s open source project hosting web site.

Sterling Isolated Storage Database


Sterling is a lightweight object-oriented database implementation for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 that works with your existing class structures. Sterling supports full LINQ to Object queries over keys and indexes for fast retrieval of information from large data sets.