Building JavaScript Applications with Angular and Redux


The web application world has been disrupted by the plethora of JavaScript technologies which has transformed the development of web applications from being a primarily server-side effort, to primarily a client-side one. Ever since jQuery made cross-browser web applications easy for everyone to create, a steady stream of JavaScript libraries and frameworks have been released at a frantic pace, with each one doing something better, or faster, or both. The overwhelming pace of advancements has left the JavaScript developer exhausted, and the reluctant server-side developer sometimes generations of JavaScript advancement behind. For anyone seeking to catch up, the key is to identify the latest technologies which survive the all-too-common quick obsolescence many JavaScript technologies experience. Instead, JavaScript technologies which will form the cornerstone of many applications today and far into the future need to be selected. Two technologies which fit this requirement are Angular and Redux. Angular is a framework, and Redux is a library, but when combined, they provide a powerful approach for solving many of the problems associated with the building of web applications and cross-platform user interfaces in general.

Angular is a massive user interface framework. It is a highly opinionated and comprehensive solution to many of the challenges of constructing modern user interfaces, particularly within a web browser.… Read more

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Write Pythonic Code Through 5 Examples Webinar


Learn Python Using the Best Language Features

Last week, Wintellect held a live coding Python webinar presented by Michael Kennedy, host of the TalkPython and PythonBytes podcasts. Michael provided a live coding session showing Python examples for:

  • Python lightning refresher
  • Tuple assignment and unpackinglearn python
  • Dictionaries for performance
  • Generators
  • Leverage inline methods with lambda expressions
  • __slots__

Using these best features and best practices of the Python language, attendees learned how to write more efficient and readable code which will also enable them to pick up other Python libraries more quickly.

StackOverflow’s 2017 Developer Survey Results has shown Python’s popularity has shot up 50% in the past 5 years. Python was also the most wanted language at 20.6%, meaning the language that developers want to use in 2017 after ranking 4th last year. We also found with polling during the webinar most of our audience at 53% had .NET/C# backgrounds and only 55% had a basic script knowledge of Python but were interested in learning the language and planned to use it this year.

The 1-hour webinar was followed by a 1/2-hour live Q & A session where attendees could ask Michael more questions about what they learned in the presentation or other questions about Python.… Read more

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Xamarin Mobile Development: Building Cross-Platform Apps for IOS, Android & Windows Devices


xamarin mobile developmentXamarin Mobile Development

On Thursday Wintellect held a live hand’s-on webinar on Xamarin mobile development for building cross-platform apps including IOS, Android and Windows Devices. The agenda included an interactive and coding presentation from Jason Bell, including the mobile landscape and development options, the Xamarin development platform, Xamarin application architectural options and building shared application components.

The event was followed by a live Q & A session where attendees could ask Jason questions about best practices using Xamarin, or, any questions from what they learned in the presentation. One attendee asked which path they should take for mobile development between Xamarin and React Native. Jason stated the most important factor would be the language. With React Native they would be using JavaScript and if they moved forward with Xamarin, the language would be  .NET, C#, and potentially F#. A secondary factor is with React Native the API surface area that is available lags behind from what you would receive with Xamarin but depending on the app you are looking to build, it may be insignificant. Jason concluded that ultimately it would be the language preference and experience with that language that should be the determining factor when choosing between the two.… Read more

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Introduction to GraphQL & Relay Webinar


Introduction to GraphQL & Relay

Learn how GraphQL improves upon Rest Services

In this week’s Introduction to GraphQL & Relay webinar attendees learned how GraphQL could help improve upon Rest Services by allowing them to view data as a graph. This data can also be queried to serve data in the shape and amount needed by the consumer. Relay was also introduced showing how it is a great framework for React applications to consume GraphQL services.

Through polling we found most attendees hadn’t used GraphQL so it was a very informative session for the audience to understand the benefits and how to use it. After reviewing the GraphQL code there was a live demo to experiment with the code followed by a demonstration of Relay and a final code review. We ended the session with a live Q & A so the audience could ask any questions regarding the topics discussed.

We hope you find the recorded webinar session above useful. If you want you can download the source code here. You can also download the slides here: Intro to GraphQL & Relay Webinar

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about our GraphQL and Relay in our On-Demand Online training, Instructor-led training, or consulting for your business, please send us an email.Read more

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Answers to Your Burning Xbox Dev Questions

How do I protect my Xbox in dev mode? Can I publish my non-game app to Xbox One?

Now that Microsoft is further opening up the Xbox platform to developers, you might have questions about either bringing an existing UWP app to Xbox, or developing directly for the gaming console.

Microsoft’s recent live video training and Twitter chat answered some of those questions in a bid to attract more developers to the platform. If you missed it, the company has posted a detailed recap online with video clips and an FAQ.

Questions range from the detail-oriented—frame rate limits, whether there’s a screen capture API for UWP—to the strategic (whether to build for Xbox first or build a PC/mobile app and convert it).

Session videos focus on XAML and web apps, design best practices and publishing to the Windows Store.

Microsoft last month announced that devs who’ve built games and apps using the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK can publish them directly to the Xbox Store, opening up a marketing avenue that was previously unavailable to smaller, independent developers.




 … Read more

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Jeffrey Richter’s Guide to Working with Azure Storage Tables via C# and other .NET Languages

Jeffrey Richter has worked with Azure Storage Tables for years and acquired a lot of lessons along the way. Jeffrey Richter’s Guide to Working with Azure Storage Tables via C# and other .NET Languages shares with you those lessons learned and ways you can be more effective using Azure Storage Tables. In addition to the Guide, Jeffrey put together the Wintellect Azure Storage Library, available on NuGet, that you can use to improve your team’s productivity working with Azure Storage Tables.

Read more


Programming the Windows Runtime by Example, by Jeremy Likness and John Garland

The most thorough hands-on guide the building Windows Store apps using C# and XAML. Written by Microsoft MVPs and Windows 8.1 experts Jeremy Likness and John Garland, this book provides over 80 sample projects that illustrate every aspect of the Windows Runtime (WinRT) from data, networking, and encryption to cloud services, globalization, packaging, and deployment.
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Windows Runtime via C#, by Jeffrey Richter and Maarten van de Bospoort

Get a thorough grounding in the Windows Runtime—and apply your C# skills to building innovative apps for the Windows Store. Guided by Jeff Richter, a recognized master of Windows programming, along with principal Windows consultant Maarten van de Bospoort, this book provides pragmatic guidance on the non-UI side of Windows development, and features a wealth of examples in Microsoft Visual C# 2012.

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Windows Store Apps Succinctly by John Garland – Get Your Free E-Book from Syncfusion

Windows Store apps present a radical shift in Windows development. They place content and interaction above all else to provide users with immersive, intuitive application experiences. With Windows Store Apps Succinctly by John Garland, you’ll be guided through obtaining a developer license, to managing your application’s life cycle and storage, all the way to submitting your app to the Windows Store.
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Building Windows 8 Apps with C# And XAML by Jeremy Likness

This is the first practical guide to building breakthrough applications for Windows 8 from project templates through publication to the new Windows Store. Microsoft “MVP of the Year” Jeremy Likness helps you combine your existing developer skills with new Visual Studio 2012 tools and best practices to create apps that are intuitive and innovative. His guidance and insight will help you dive into Windows 8 development—and gain a powerful competitive advantage for years to come.
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