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Deep Zoom Demo Updated for RTW

22 Oct , 2008  

Today I updated the Deep Zoom demo I originally published a few months ago for the RTW release of Silverlight 2. The new version shows how to do mouseovers on the individual subimages in a Deep Zoom scene—something that wasn’t at all obvious to me how to do until I read Jaime Rodriguez’s excellent blog post explaining that the order of the subimages in the MultiScaleImage control’s SubImages collection mirrors the indexes in Metadata.xml. When the cursor enters a subimage in the revised demo, a caption identifying the location depicted in the image appears at the top of the page.

Deep Zoom Demo 

I’ll post the source code for the sample once I figure out how to decrease its compressed size of 373 MB. I suppose I’ll have to post the project without the images, but that somehow seems to defeat the purpose.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for all the Cool Silverlight Tricks!

    It would be really great to get the source code for your Deep Zoom Demo – preferrably with the images but even without the images.

    Thanks for sharing your hard work,
    David Roh

  • In this issue: Cote, Ivan Dragoev, Hannah Watkins, Fons Sonnemans, Bart Czernicki, Jeff Prosise, Dave

  • jprosise

    I’ll figure out a way to post the code when I get home from the PDC. Maybe I can substitute some small images and get the size down to something reasonable. Or possibly removing all but 2 or 3 of the images would make things manageable.

  • How can I get this project source?

  • Where can I get this project source?

    Thank you!

  • jprosise

    Still working on downsizing it so it can be downloaded. I’ve been on the road constantly for the last several weeks but will get to the downsizing as soon as I can.