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Easily Converting to Visual Studio 2008

21 Nov , 2007  

With VS 2008 being released on Monday, let the project conversions begin! While I wish we could have had a single project and solution format that would have worked between VS 2005 and VS 2008, at least we can use VS 2008 to target .NET 2.0 only projects. Faced with converting about 100 different project files and solutions, the thought of manually opening each one and going through the upgrade wizard didn’t sound that appealing. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to automatically upgrade a solution or project: the /upgrade switch on DEVENV.EXE (the Visual Studio IDE itself).

Begin by opening a Visual Studio Command Prompt from the Start menu. Navigate to your project tree and execute “devenv /upgrade MySoln.sln” (without the quotes). Visual Studio will automatically upgrade the solution and all projects as well as create backups. Using the /upgrade switch is about a million times faster than the wizard!

There’s not a whole lot different between VS 2005 and VS 2008 projects. See DJ Park’s blog for the exact differences and how you could convert between them.

  • Command Line VS 2008 Project Upgrade Tool

  • Visual Studio 2008 is out! I’ve upgraded three machines (two Vista, one XP) from Beta 2 to RTM, then

  • Anonymous

    We have found some VERY nasty little bugs in the conversion that occur pretty randomly.

    1) Some of our project combo boxs have the SORTED attribute set to true. Problem is it only sorts the displayed column, not the column of KEYS. So what you select is NOT what you get.

    2) It has changed some of our “i” to zeros. By that I mean where we have used an index for reference rows in a listview the conversion changed the listview.items(i).subitems(0).text to

    In a very large project it can be a challange to find all of these because the conversion seemed to randomly pick and choose where it would screw up.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi,I want to convert my 2005 project in pls help me to do this.

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