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Survey of the Azure Data Storage Landscape


18 May , 2017   Video

Differences Between the Azure Data Storage Optionsazure data storage

In this webinar with Ike Ellis, a 5 year Microsoft Data Platform MVP, you will learn about the Azure Data storage platform and where the best places are to store each type of data. With so many available options, one can be paralyzed with choice. This webinar seeks to ease that anxiety and provide direction for application developers and DBAs. This webinar includes info on Azure CosmosDB which was announced at Build 2017 to replace DocumentDB.

You’ll learn the differences between:

  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Azure CosmosDB
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL in a VM
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Lots of other things supported:
    • Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

You can download the demo source code and Survey of the Azure Data Landscape – Wintellect Slides.

See demos and review case studies so that you’ll have a complete view of how data is stored in Azure and how to choose great tools, leading your project down the path to success.… Read more

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Wintellect Blogs

Azure Bits #2 – Saving the Image to Azure Blob Storage

Rik Robinson

22 May , 2015  

Creating the Azure Storage Account

In Azure Bits #1 – Up and Running, we got a skeleton in place for our web application that will allow the user to upload an image and we published our Azure Image Manipulator Web App to Azure.  Our next task is taking this uploaded image and saving it into Azure Blob Storage.

The first thing we need to do is to create an Azure Storage account in the Azure Portal.  Once logged into the Portal, you’ll want to click on the big green plus sign for New in the top left.


Next, you’ll want to select Data + Storage and then Storage to get to the configuration blade for your new storage account.


Here, you’ll want to enter a unique name for your Azure Storage account. Note that this name must be globally unique and must be a valid URL. You’ll also want to make sure that the physical location you select is closest to the consumers of your data as costs can increase based on the proximity of the consumer to the storage region. You can leave the rest of the information with the defaults and then click the Create button.  Azure will grind away for a bit to create your storage account as you watch an animation on your home screen.… Read more

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Jeffrey Richter’s Guide to Working with Azure Storage Tables via C# and other .NET Languages

Paul Ballard

12 Oct , 2013  

Jeffrey Richter has worked with Azure Storage Tables for years and acquired a lot of lessons along the way. Jeffrey Richter’s Guide to Working with Azure Storage Tables via C# and other .NET Languages shares with you those lessons learned and ways you can be more effective using Azure Storage Tables. In addition to the Guide, Jeffrey put together the Wintellect Azure Storage Library, available on NuGet, that you can use to improve your team’s productivity working with Azure Storage Tables.

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