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FastFileFinder Now 30 Percent Faster—How Fast Can You Make It?

John Robbins

21 Feb , 2016  

A while ago I whipped up a small utility to search for filenames at the command line. I noticed recently that it did not handle long filenames over 260 (MAX_PATH) characters. Having a few spare minutes I updated FastFileFinder to use the Win32 API directly as the .NET Framework Directory methods do not have that support. Additionally, I took at idea from Josh Carroll and batched up the matching filename output to minimize the calls to Console.WriteLine.

With that little bit of work FastFileFinder is now 30%-50% faster! I haven’t looked too much harder but I think there’s some more speed up work that can be done. Are you up for the challenge? How much faster can you make it go?

Grab the code here:
Grab the compiled binary here: more



Visual Studio Code Updated

Paul Ballard

13 Aug , 2015  

Microsoft has released an update to their multi-platform code editor Visual Studio Code.  This release brings improvements in documentation, PHP snippets, and support for Roslyn based quick fixes.

Documentation improvements include better organization and additional information about how to extend VS Code.

Since VS Code was released there have been a large number of questions around how to configure and customize the product. In part this was due to the fact we had not adequately listed out the available options in our documentation. To help address this we’ve:

  • Included the contents of the settings.json file in the Customization topic
  • Separated out key bindings into their own topic area

Beyond documentation, there were also a number of significant improvements made in support for editing different languages.  These include better HTML formatting, JSON formatting, and new common snippets for PHP.  For C#, improvements include quick fixes (aka lightbulbs) and upgraded OmniSharp support to 1.1.0.

Also fixed were the following defects:

  • 17915: VS Code crashes with large emberjs/es6/amd project
  • 17427: Git cannot be found if installed into a non-default location
  • 17947: Open with encoding Windows 866 doesn’t work
  • 18094: Wrong “duplicate identifier” error in node files when using “exports”*

For more information on this update, or to download the free Visual Studio Code editor visit the Updates Page.… Read more

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