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A Late Synopsis of The Angular NG-Conf Day 1

Jason Hill

27 Apr , 2017  

April 5-7th 2017 marks the 4th year of the Angular conference ng-conf. This year’s ng-conf marks my first year attending, w00t w00t to that.  From the first day’s rapid-fire talks, the tone of the conference, and I think for Angular in general, is set for the year.  Some of the major takeaways from the first day I’ve highlighted below.


Before the keynote took place, Aaron Frost, one of the organizers took a moment to go over the code of conduct for the conference. The organizers wanted to stress the importance of creating a conducive environment for sharing and learning over the next few days.  This point speaks to the overall message that the Angular community wants to convey, which is “Build with Us.” And, by providing an inviting and open ecosystem to current and new developers, they hope to grow the community.

With that theme in mind, a talk by Justin Searls focused on getting the creative juices flowing. He discussed his personal philosophy around what sparks his creativity.  Justin then provided some insight into what could help others be more creative, which translates into building apps.  The key takeaway from his talk was that it is okay to build software that interests individuals, reflect on one’s feelings, and finally find your outlet, whatever it may be.… Read more

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Build 2017 Conference Is Now Open for Registration

Paul Ballard

14 Feb , 2017  

Tickets went on sale for Microsoft’s yearly Build developer conference Tuesday, and the registration website was immediately flooded with takers–so much so, that users trying to sign up experienced technical problems throughout the morning.

Though many devs reported on Twitter that they had successfully registered, some posted complaints that they experienced long waits or needed to refresh the page repeatedly.

By midday, however, the problems seemed to be abating. So if you want to attend Microsoft’s biggest developer event, don’t delay: Build 2016 sold out the same day tickets were released.

Priced at $2,195, the conference will take place May 10-12 in Seattle. Along with technical trainings and hackathons, past conferences have included major announcements about new Microsoft projects and products.

A Microsoft blog post promises Build 2017 will cover the following topics:

  • Mixed-reality experiences

  • Cutting edge, intelligent cloud apps

  • Simplified end-to-end dev ops experiences

  • Mobile experiences for nearly any device

  • Apps that make your customers more productive

  • AI-powered apps we have yet to imagine

 … Read more

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A More Secure Microsoft Edge, and Other News from Ignite 2016

Paul Ballard

27 Sep , 2016  

In the wake of highly publicized cyberattacks on big companies, Microsoft on Monday rolled out new security features for its Edge browser. Windows Defender Application Guard, developed for the company’s enterprise customers, will use Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization technology to isolate potential security threats.

“The threat landscape has changed significantly in recent years,” reads a Microsoft blog post on the new security package, announced at the company’s Ignite conference for IT professionals. “Today, over 90% of attacks use a hyperlink to initiate the attack to steal credentials, install malware, or exploit vulnerabilities.”

Application Guard kicks in when a user visits a site not trusted or recognized by the network administrator, creating a separate copy of Windows 10 that blocks access to sensitive resources including memory, local storage and other installed applications.

The new feature was just one of a number of announcements in the first two days of the Atlanta conference. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a partnership with Adobe that will bring together Redmond’s Azure cloud infrastructure with the former’s marketing software.

Nadella also spoke in detail about Microsoft’s artificial intelligence projects, which now rely on specialized, reprogrammable chips—known as field programmable gate arrays, or FPGAs—designed in-house. He demonstrated how the lightning-fast processing capacity of the chips can translate 3 billion words in less than a tenth of a second.… Read more

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From Muggles to Holograms: What’s On Tap for This Year’s DevIntersection Conference

Paul Ballard

8 Sep , 2016  

DevIntersection, a cross-discipline conference for Microsoft developers, has been growing in size, and this year’s event will include keynote speeches from Microsoft execs Scott Guthrie and Steve Guggenheimer as well as presentations from journalists covering Redmond like Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley.

But of course, the highlight of the event, which takes place Oct. 25-28 in Las Vegas, will be the practical sessions tackling topics in Azure, Visual Studio 2015, ASP.NET, Angular, Xamarin and more. Want to experience ‘A Muggle’s Introduction to XAML Wizardry’ or the ‘Zen of Architecture’? Check out the schedule of optional, full-day pre-conference workshops, which also includes one promising, ‘I Will Make You a Better C# Programmer.’

There’s a big emphasis on emerging technologies, with a separate ‘Emerging Experiences’ track focusing on mixed reality, machine learning and the internet of things. Another track, Anglebrackets, will bring together developers working on open source projects in Angular, Node.js and HTML 5.  This is also the first year that IT Edge Intersection, the sister event catering to IT professionals, will be held at the same time and location. Attendees can buy a ticket to one track and cross over to attend sessions in other tracks for free.

Register for a workshop package before Sept.… Read more

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App Dev on Xbox Event Set for August 30

Paul Ballard

24 Aug , 2016  

Microsoft will host a virtual event on Tuesday, August 30 for developers interested in developing apps for Xbox One.

According to a Microsoft announcement, the event starts at 9:00 Pacific Time and will cover:

  • What’s new in the Anniversary Update SDK and how to get started with app development for Xbox One

  • How to get started developing apps using both XAML and Web technologies

  • How to design and create impressive TV experiences

  • How to publish your app to the Store and make it available for over 350 Million Windows devices including Xbox

Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative will allow select Xbox One games to be played on PCs, further integrating Xbox with Windows 10 and potentially broadening the market for games. It’s set to launc September 13.

Microsoft has also been wooing developers to the platform. As of this year, developers can now enable Dev Mode on any retail Xbox controller after opening a Dev Center account and installing the latest version of Visual Studio 2015.

Click here for more information about the virtual event and to register. Developers can use the hashtag #XboxAppDev for live Q&A during the event.

 … Read more

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The Future Is Here, and It’s Chatty

Paul Ballard

20 May , 2016  

Among the most-talked-about news at Google’s I/O conference this week were the announcements of two AI-related projects: Google Assistant, an upgraded digital assistant capable of conducting two-way conversations and performing tasks like ordering movie tickets, and Google Home, a competitor to Amazon’s Echo that would combine home automation with virtual assistance.

Meanwhile, ZDNet leaked that Microsoft is working on its own conversational helpmate, the Bing Concierge Bot. Just as Google’s virtual assistants will make use of that company’s search technology, Microsoft’s—as the name implies—will leverage the wealth of data collected through Bing user searches to make intelligent recommendations on, for example, nearby Italian restaurants that can seat a large party. The company has so far declined to provide more information on the project.

These developments are a sign of the bot wars to come, as technology companies compete to offer the best solutions for a future in which humans interact more naturally with the digital   world.

It’s also a future in which, as envisioned by Google and others, virtual assistants are our constant companions, following us from car to office to living room and interfacing with multiple devices.

“The idea is that assistant should really be bound to you and not to a device and it should really transcend the hardware and follow you around,” Vlad Sejnoha, chief technology officer of voice interface technology company Nuance, told WIRED.Read more

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The Future of Angular2, and More Updates From NG-Conf 2016

Dave Baskin

5 May , 2016  

Some highlights of day two of ng-conf 2016:

  • Day two started with a focus on the future of Angular2. No, they didn’t announce Angular3, but they did focus on the work they are finishing up and looking towards the future. For example, work is in progress to build an offline compiler for Angular2 applications. This should greatly reduce the payload delivered to the browser. In fact the Angular2 team’s aggressive goal is to have the “Hello World” version of an an Angular2 application be only 10K!
  • A second release candidate came out today. Part of the changes from beta to release candidate includes changing the package references. For example, angular2/core is now referenced as @angular/core. This change allows for better use of the ES2015 modules and better optimization when using the offline compiler.
  • The Material Design team is creating a base set of services that are common to user interface components in general, such as mobile usage, accessibility, internationalization, overlays, and more. The broad set of material design components build on these services, but other components can as well. They are also looking to expand the set of components to things like a Google Map component, a video player, rich text editor, and more.
Read more

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Highlights From Angular’s NG-Conf 2016

Dave Baskin

4 May , 2016  

I just finished up the first day of ng-conf 2016 and as usual, it has been a great informative conference. Thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and Angular team members for all your efforts.

Here are some highlights from today:

  • Brad Green’s keynote address, of course, covered the big picture of the Angular development work. The Angular1 site had 1.3 million visitors and the Angular2 site has already had 306 thousand visitors, even though the first release candidate was only made available yesterday. The team is focused on making Angular2 a robust framework, but there are still some gaps to fill before it will be ready for production release.
  • What was really impressive is the breadth of applications that can be created with Angular2. Web applications we all know and love are just part of the story. You can create progressive apps that can be used offline. You can create mobile web applications with native-like user interface using Ionic. You can create truly native mobile applications with NativeScript. You can create cross-platform desktop application on top of Electron.
  • If need a quick look at what Angular2 actually looks like, John Papa does a great job of live-coding an Angular2 application.
Read more

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Microsoft Open-Sources Xamarin SDK, Adds New Developer Tools

Paul Ballard

27 Apr , 2016  

Microsoft today announced that it has open-sourced the Xamarin SDK for iOS, Android and Mac, making good on a promise it made during Build 2016.

The source code released to the .NET Foundation under the MIT license includes native API bindings for all three platforms, command line tools and Xamarin.Forms, the company’s cross-platform UI framework.

Developers who want to contribute to these projects can get cracking right away by visiting Xamarin’s open source page.

Microsoft made the announcement at Xamarin’s Evolve 2016 developer conference, where it also revealed a number of improvements to Xamarin and Visual Studio that will support better cross-platform development.

Updates to Visual Studio will make it easier for C# developers to create native iOS apps. Developers running Visual Studio on Windows will be able to simulate and interact with their iOS apps without leaving Visual Studio, even deploying and debugging them on iOS devices plugged into their Windows machines.

Xamarin Studio 6 for Mac has a new dark theme and now uses Roslyn, Microsoft’s open source compiler, providing a more consistent environment for developers who switch back and forth between Windows and OS X. Xamarin.Forms also got a number of new features, including real-time previewing of Xamarin.Forms XAML source from within the IDE.… Read more

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