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A Late Synopsis Of The Angular NG-Conf Day 3

Jason Hill

5 May , 2017  

ng-conf 2017: Day 3

With two jam-packed days in the books, only one day remained.  The format for the final day of ng-conf was another single room, all day series of sessions.  Much like the first day, the range of topics was both broad as they were relevant and informative.  Day 3 had a few major themes expressed in the speakers’ presentations.


Brad Green and Rob Wormald presented the keynote presentation.  They talked about how Angular fits in at Google.  And by fit in, it is more like Google runs on Angular.  Google has hundreds of its major systems running on top of Angular including data center allocations, release management, product launch approvals, and bug tracking.  Google demonstrates its commitment to Angular as well as its commitment to the ecosystem around Angular.

For many, many, many web developers, Bootstrap is as essential to their workflow as the technologies Bootstrap uses; namely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  In her talk, Giving Bootstrap the Boot, Alyssa Nicoll has a different opinion.  She has experienced several pain points using Bootstrap and fighting with the very things the framework is supposed to address.  Alyssa demonstrated for the audience issues around customizing CSS and having to battle Bootstrap’s CSS due to the high levels of specificity.  … Read more

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NG-CONF 2017 Day Two Highlights

Dave Baskin

9 Apr , 2017  

ng conf 2017

Day Two changes things up from the Day One and Day Three single-track format. There are breakout sessions focused on a specific topic as well as chances to sit down and ask questions of others who have expertise in Angular, including members of the Angular team themselves. It’s a good chance to listen to how others are approaching their development challenges and opportunity to discuss lots of interesting details in depth.

Practices and Performance

The first session of the day had a few large organizations talk about the things they are doing within their organization to manage Angular projects, how they approach analyzing the performance of these applications, and what kinds of things might help them improve these operations.

In terms of analysis, there was a great emphasis on metrics (“plan and measure”). This included low level tracking of “time to first paint”, “time to meaningful content”, and “time to interactive”. But it also included higher-level tracking of things like “perceived performance” (obtaining feedback about how the user perceives the performance of the application).

Tools were mentioned that help in this analysis. The primary tool, of course, is the Developer Tools within the browser (there was a lot of praise for the capabilities of Chrome Developer tools particularly).… Read more


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ng-whoa! Top 3 takeaways from ng-conf Day 1

Josh Carroll

6 Mar , 2015  

ng-whoa! ng-conf, Day 1

Yesterday was a pretty amazing lead up to the first official day of the conference. It certainly didn’t disappoint, what with all surprises the organizers put into place.

However, today everyone was pretty eager to hear the opening talk from Brad Green and Igor Minar about both the current state of Angular and more importantly the future of the framework that we have all come to know and love.

It’s no secret that after ng-europe a lot of people were totally freaking out had some concerns about what they were hearing with regards to Angular 2.0

The Angular team could have dismissed the criticism and pushed forward, but the message they put forward today shows they really do listen and care about what the community of developers think.

1.) Angular 1.X is not dead

The big news here was that the Angular team is in no way abandoning the 1.X branch to simply die on the vine. There are currently over 2000 internal applications at Google written in Angular, so they are keenly aware of the vested interest that many companies and developers have made into Angular, and they are firmly committed to providing a strong migration strategy from the 1.X branch to 2.0.… Read more