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Introducing the Spectron Command Line Tool

Jonathan Wood

21 Dec , 2016  

After some Spectron experience there tends to be some things that can get repetitive when creating Spectron tests. I figured creating a tool to do just that would be handy to have. So I created the spectron-cli npm package.

Granted, this command line tool doesn’t do all that much. Currently, it only has two commands to it.

The “init” command will create an e2e directory, if it doesn’t already exist in the current directory it’s run in. It will also create two files in that directory for you – a test.spec.js file and a file. These files will include templates to help you get started writing your Spectron tests.

The “add” command will just create a spec file and a page file with the name of your choosing inside the e2e directory.

The way the templates are laid out, however, you would have to include chai and chai-as-promised packages if you don’t already have them. These tests can be run with mocha or jasmine test runners.

So feel free to install the tool with npm install spectron-cli and see how it works for you (or just find ways to break it). It is open source so feel free to submit and enhancements or fixes or just create an issue.… Read more

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Developer Lifestyle

Get 2015 Started Off on the Right Foot

Paul Ballard

30 Dec , 2014  

Get ready to put your best foot forward with these geek tips for starting the new year right.

As 2014 draws to a close, we begin look ahead for what lies in store for the next year.  While most New Year’s resolutions seldom see February 1st, these tech tips can be implemented so fast you won’t have time to lose your initiative.

Change your passwords

The past several months have certainly shown the havoc that can be wrought by unscrupulous jerks with access to other people’s data.  Taking the time to reset your passwords is a great start, but you should also be thinking how you’re going to manage your security credentials for the new year.  Here are some things to consider.… Read more

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