Free Xamarin Training for Your New Year’s Weekend

Paul Ballard

30 Dec , 2016  

New Year’s Eve weekend is a time to party, but for the geeks among us, it may also be a good opportunity to curl up with some dev training videos.

Enter Microsoft/Xamarin with their on-demand recordings of Xamarin Dev Days sessions. The mobile development training event takes place periodically in cities around the world, and as of this month, you can also participate virtually via Xamarin Dev Days Live on Microsoft’s Channel 9. (Hat tip to Petri’s Paul Thurrott for first pointing this out.)

The five-episode track, which first aired Dec. 14, kicks off with Introduction to Xamarin,  Cross-Platform UI with Xamarin.Forms and Cloud First Apps with Azure. The “afternoon” sessions are more hands-on; you can follow along as the instructors walk through building an app.

Log on and get to brainstorming about what you’ll build in 2017.

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How Microsoft’s LinkedIn Buy Could Affect

Paul Ballard

17 Jun , 2016  

With more than 1,300 tech-related video tutorials, is among developers’ most-visited destinations for online education. It’s also owned by professional social network LinkedIn, which Microsoft is buying for $26.2 billion, the software giant’s biggest acquisition yet.

While most coverage of the purchase has focused on how Microsoft might take advantage of data on LinkedIn’s 433 million members, the educational component is important, too.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, in a letter to employees, writes that one of the main benefits of the merger will be “Accelerating our objective to transform learning and development by deeply integrating the Learning solution in Office alongside some of the most popular productivity apps on the planet.” Weiner notes that six of Lynda’s 25 most popular trainings are related to Microsoft products.

Since being purchased by LinkedIn last year, Lynda has already started offering customized ‘Learning Paths’ that allow users to, for example, ‘Become a Front-End Web Developer‘ by viewing 44 hours of videos. It’s not hard to imagine how these could be purchased by Microsoft enterprise customers and used to train employees for new roles.

One unnamed LinkedIn executive quoted in Quartz mentions the idea of a ‘Learning’ tab added to Office that would allow subscribers to immediately get tutorials on the software they’re using, right there in the program itself.… Read more

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