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How to slash lines of code in half and cut development time by over 1/3rd

When you think of JavaScript, do you think “dynamic” or volatile? New frameworks and libraries appear and disappear before you can install them in your project. Fortunately, there is a project that has matured over the past year. In fact, one programmer on a team that wrote 17,000 lines of code over 6 months bet his manager he could rewrite the entire application single-handedly in just 2 weeks using a new library. He lost the bet – it took him three weeks instead of two, and he cut the application from 17,000 lines down to 1,500.

That programmer worked at Google, and that library is called Angular. Our team has done more than just read a few articles about Angular.

We pioneered the use of AngularJS in enterprise web applications while it was still in its infancy. We’ve successfully implemented it in large-scale apps with hundreds of services and controllers supporting tens of thousands of lines of code with dozens of developers working in parallel. We’ve been shoulder to shoulder with the original authors of Angular and are contributors ourselves. Let us leverage that experience to help your team build a successful Angular application.

If you’re building web-based apps today you’ve probably heard about the Google-backed open source Angular library. The question is whether you’ve been able to tap into the same success you’re hearing about. Is your development team up to speed with Angular? Are they able to quickly deliver solid code using best practices?

Let Wintellect, your premier enterprise web development consultancy, complement your team with our Angular experts to properly build your apps. We can help you with:

  • Architecting, designing, building, and deploying your Angular application
  • Structuring your code to maximize scalability of your development team
  • Combining angular with TDD and JavaScript unit testing frameworks
  • Modularizing your Angular app using best practices and lessons learned to maximize performance and minimize known pitfalls and bottlenecks
  • Training your team, both in-person and on-demand