Build better software, faster.

Our mission is to help customers “build better software, faster,” and to do this we’ve structured our company as a dedicated team of technology experts accompanied by the top tier of software engineers.


Wintellect offers consulting on the full spectrum of custom software development.

In the consulting arena, Wintellect is recognized as a leader in mission critical architecture, design and development, and we have worked with major companies on large enterprise systems across the country and around the world. Our staff includes a roster of Microsoft MVPs, and our CEO is the Microsoft Regional Director for Atlanta.


Wintellect provides top-notch training, including on-site, virtual live public classes, and on-demand.

Wintellect is one of the top developer trainers in the U.S., including for Microsoft where we train their own developers and testers in Redmond and around the world. Although we work well beyond the Microsoft technology stack, Wintellect has been the #1 trainer for Microsoft developers for over a decade, with the highest instructor ratings of any vendor.

How can we help you with your software project?