ARM Templates and Cloud Init

It's easy enough to utilize the inline Cloud-Init in your ARM templates to configure your site. But how do you develop and deliver your Cloud Config outside of your ARM templates?

Master Python’s Async Features

Python’s async and parallel programming support is highly underrated. In this webcast, we will introduce the entire spectrum of Python’s parallel APIs. Then we will focus in on the most promising, most useful, and modern feature of Python’s async capabilities: the async and await keywords. During the webcast, we will build a small application that…
Cassandra Logo

Into the Cosmos with the Cassandra API

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model database service for mission-critical applications. It supports turn-key global distribution, elastic scaling of throughput and storage worldwide, single-digit millisecond latencies at the 99th percentile, five well-defined consistency levels, and guaranteed high availability, all backed by industry-leading SLAs. Azure Cosmos DB automatically indexes data without requiring you to…
.NET Core

Creating a Daemon with .NET Core (Part 2)

This little project is a practical implementation of a blog post I wrote about implementing daemons in .NET Core. This daemon is a .NET Core console app that is using a Generic Host to host an MQTT Server based on the code in MQTTNet, which has become my go-to library for MQTT for .NET apps…