Azure Container Solutions – Whitepaper

Microsoft has incorporated containers into many Azure services but figuring out where containers fit into various types of solutions is no simple task. This whitepaper provides a better understanding of when and how to use specific container solutions and how they integrate with Azure as a whole. Download Whitepaper

Azure Functions: What are they good for? – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Azure functions: What are they good for? In Part 1, we did a quick review of what Azure Functions were and focused on the trigger aspect of Functions.  By focusing on the triggers, we were able to highlight different scenarios that best suited an Azure Function’s usage. Let’s pick up…

Tech on Fire: How to use Azure to Help Stop Coronavirus/Covid19 and Other Diseases

Azure compute comes in many shapes forms and fashions, and it can be used for all kinds of applications, including finding cures for diseases. In this episode, we’ll show you an easy way that you can use Azure to donate compute to help find cures for Covid-19/Coronavirus and other diseases. Folding@Home: GitHub Project:

Azure Functions: What are they good for? – Part 1

The focus of this article is for you to learn some of the use cases for Azure Functions. Before we dive into those details, let’s do a quick review of what exactly are Azure Functions. Azure Functions are an Azure compute service that allows you to run code with no concern for any of the…