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Harness the power of the Azure cloud!

Increase your scale and power, and lower your costs dramatically. This is the power of the cloud. Let Wintellect help move your apps and DevOps processes to Azure and see immediate benefits.
Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner

Move faster, do more, and save money with Wintellect and Microsoft Azure!

Interested in moving to the cloud but not sure where to start? As a Microsoft Gold Azure Partner, Wintellect can help you implement cloud solutions that provide you significant ROI. We know, because we did it for ourselves first!

Move to the cloud and start reaping immediate benefits:

  • Lower TCO - Properly architected cloud-based solutions can frequently be operated for a fraction of the cost of home-grown solutions. Wintellect experienced a 70% cost reduction after moving from a hosted environment to Azure.
  • Scalability - Scaling out to meet the needs of a growing customer base is a matter of clicking buttons in a management console, not adding physical servers.
  • Performance - Apps that spend less time waiting for requests to be processed on the server perform better on the client, too.
  • Ease of Implementation - Services such as Azure Mobile Services and Azure Event Hubs take the pain out of writing apps that connect to back-end services and emit push notifications to clients.
  • Expertise - Wintellect is a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner and our Cloud Engineers are plugged into the Azure team at Microsoft. Wintellect also utilizes Azure for all our internal systems, infrastructure, and public sites.
Microsoft Azure DevOps

Move your DevOps to the cloud!

Make no mistake: Moving your DevOps processes into the cloud will provide significant benefits. Wintellect can help you automate your development processes from Dev to Build to Test to Deploy—while building in telemetry, reporting, and high availability.

What can moving DevOps to Azure do for you? Here are some highlights:

  • Source Control - Manage, track, and audit your code.
  • Agile Planning and Team Collaboration - Manage your project using Agile techniques, and leverage a modern collaboration environment for your dev team.
  • Test Case Management and Automation - Automate your testing, and add custom gating.
  • Release Management and Continuous Deployment - Automate your deployments and approval workflows, apply security policies, and manage users.
  • Application Telemetry - Use Application Insights to proactively detect issues, easily diagnose exceptions and web performance issues, perform root cause analysis, and monitor web apps hosted on Azure, other cloud services, or on-premises servers.

Personalize your Azure training!

Wintellect has been Microsoft's #1 training vendor worldwide for over a decade, with the highest Instructor ratings of any vendor. Check out our Azure training or call us for a customized course.

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