Build your next app with Angular or React.

If you are looking for Application Modernization or Modern Web Development Wintellect can help bring your app to the modern web.

Angular allows you to build rich web applications by taking advantage of modern browser features, and reduces the time to build by giving you all the tools you need in one rich framework.

React is another hugely popular framework, in a sense lighter weight than Angular as it covers only the View (UI) layer, without being as prescriptive about the entirety of the application code architecture.

With Wintellect’s deep expertise in Angular and React, we can help you build your next rich modern web application.

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Migrate your Silverlight apps to the modern web.

The shortcomings of plugin-based browser architectures, in terms of security, performance, stability, reach, and other considerations, are driving stakeholders and development teams to other options. With Silverlight applications no longer supported by modern browsers, Wintellect will help you determine the best approach to migrate your Silverlight application to the modern web or desktop. Learn more about Wintellect’s modern web development.

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Take your desktop apps cross-platform with Electron.

The buzz today is all about Web. But where does that leave your desktop apps?

Electron is the main framework behind many notable open source software applications, such as GitHub’s text editor, and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. It allows for the development of native desktop GUI applications using the Node.js framework, allowing you to build cross platform desktop apps with the standard and open technologies of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. We can help!

Add the power of the cloud!

Move faster, do more, and save money with Wintellect and Microsoft Azure.

Take your applications to the cloud and easily scale to new heights while cutting costs. Then add modern DevOps practices to move faster and increase the efficiency of your development. Wintellect, a Microsoft Gold Azure & DevOps partner, is your partner for success.

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