Administering Azure DevOps Server

This three-day, instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to deploy, configure, and manage Microsoft Azure DevOps Server (f.k.a. Team Foundation Server) and related software components.

Azure DevOps Server (TFS) Developer Foundations

Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Server (f.k.a. Team Foundation Server) is ideal for teams of any size. However, having an experienced administrator is not enough. Administrators are great at installing, configuring, and managing the server, but every developer on the team needs to know the basics of how to use Azure DevOps Server. This two-day course will…

Mastering .NET Debugging

Microsoft's .NET is a proven success, but when you get into trouble, you can get into trouble deep. With a team spending 50% of its time debugging, the best way to ship on time is to learn how to debug better and faster.

Mastering .NET Performance Tuning

Small code is fast code and fast code is good code. .NET makes development easy, but with the garbage collector as a black box, great performance can be hard to achieve – unless you know what you’re doing. Get the expert tips and tricks that allow you to extract the maximum amount of performance from your applications.

Mastering SQL Performance Tuning

Nearly every enterprise business system talks to a database, and if that database is slow, the ramifications can be huge across all applications – a speedy database is critical. The black box of the SQL Server query processor makes things interesting for performance tuning, and this class is all about tuning T-SQL code to teach developers how to think and do “fast.”