Advanced Go Programming

Go Language (golang) is an open source programming language and has become increasing popular as a general-purpose language. You can develop a wide variety of applications using Go, such as systems, database, and networking applications. The combination of the unique capabilities of the language and enumerable features has made Go the preference for developing innovative…

Go Foundation

Go Language (golang) is a unique open source language that is increasingly popular.  Google introduced Go in 2009 as a managed, strongly typed, and compilable language.  In a short time, Go has made an immediate impact as the development language for Docker, Bitcoin Blockchain, and other emerging technologies. This has created somewhat of a cult…

Power BI Bootcamp

Power BI is Microsoft’s amazing data preparation and visualization tool. It is seemingly so simple, but looks can be deceiving. Hidden beneath an easy tool are amazing abilities to clean data, organize data, calculate data, and present that data in a logical and simple matter. In this class, we seek to unlock all the power…

Power BI for Developers

In this code-heavy, instructor-led course, developers will discover and experience the potential of Microsoft Power BI, the Power BI REST API, and Power BI Embedded, as it relates to providing business intelligence and reporting insight for organizations. This fast-paced course focuses heavily on real-world, organization and enterprise data and report integration, including concepts relating to…

Docker Head to Toe

Docker, the premier platform for containerization, has become a mainstay for developers and IT pros alike for supporting continuous integration and DevOps.

Mastering PHP

PHP is general purpose programming language that drives as many as 80% of the world’s websites including sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo as well as popular applications like WordPress, Drupal, and MediaWiki. Besides being incredibly popular on sites, PHP is also a popular language for developing custom applications that can run on virtually any operating system including Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. Developers for this reason have chosen as their choice platform for building applications.

Mastering R for Data Scientists

R is a functional programming environment for business analysts and data scientists. It's a language that many non-programmers can easily work with, naturally extending a skill set that is common to high-end Excel users. It's the perfect tool for when the analyst has a statistical, numerical, or probabilities-based problem based on real data and they've pushed Excel past its limits.