Java RESTful Services Essentials

Geared for experienced developers, Java RESTful Service Essentials is a two day, lab-intensive services training course that introduces developers to the core concepts, principles, and Java implementations for RESTful services. Today’s development environments are increasingly dominated by sophisticated tooling that makes the implementation of RESTful services less arduous. The proper design of these services is…

Java Web Developer with Servlets, JSTL, XML, Web Services, Security & More

New to Java and need to get a handle on JEE 7 basics? Need to learn Java, without the GUI and Swing? This five-day, comprehensive hands-on training course will teach you essential Java programming skills, in preparation for building server-side applications on the JEE platform. This is a five-day, comprehensive hands-on workshop geared for developers…

MongoDB for Developers using Python

MongoDB is one of the most exciting data technologies. You can build extremely high-performance apps with the joy of a schemaless lifestyle. Python is the perfect counterpart to MongoDB and that’s what this course is all about.

Identity and Access Control for Modern Web Applications

Modern application design has changed quite a bit in recent years. “Mobile-first” and “cloud-ready” are the types of applications you are expected to develop. Additionally, Microsoft has revamped their web stack with OWIN, Katana, and ASP.NET Core to keep pace with these architectural demands.

Docker Head to Toe

Docker, the premier platform for containerization, has become a mainstay for developers and IT pros alike for supporting continuous integration and DevOps.