Course Overview

Our Advanced Dojo Training teaches attendees how to build powerful JavaScript Ajax applications using the Dojo Toolkit, Dijit, and DojoX.

Key Learning Areas

  • Work with Dojo and JavaScript
  • Master advanced Dojo topics such as dojo/aspect and functions
  • Understand Dojo's API
  • Customize and create widgets
  • Work with Dojo from the MVC perspective
  • Use data, stores and grids
  • Create charts and organize data
  • Debug Dojo apps

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Dojo and JavaScript
  • Advanced Dojo Topics
  • Promises and Deferreds
  • Customizing a Widget
  • Creating Your Own Widget
  • MVC with Dojo
  • Data, Stores, and Grids
  • Charting with dojox/charting
  • Debugging Dojo Apps


All students should have attended Introduction to the Dojo Framework with Dijit and DojoX class or have equivalent experience.