Course Overview

April 1, 2019 - Update from Microsoft

The AZ-203 track and exam was rolled out as a replacement for the AZ-200 + AZ-201 or AZ-202 exams for earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification. This was a move to simplify the process to earning this certifications based on feedback received from customers.

Please visit AZ-203: Azure Developer Certification Track for training options.


This course is designed for developers who already know how to code in at least one of the Azure-supported languages.

This course is part of a series of four courses to help you prepare for Microsoft’s Azure Developer certification exam AZ-201: Develop Advanced Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions. These courses are designed for developers who already know how to code in at least one of the Azure-supported languages.

The coursework covers:

  • How to ensure you solution meets performance expectations in Azure. It covers asynchronous processing, autoscaling, long-running tasks, and distributed transactions. Additionally, you’ll learn how to leverage Azure Search for textual content, and how to implement instrumentation and logging in your development solution.
  • How to integrate and manage APIs by using the API Management service, configure a message-based integration architecture, and develop an application message model.
  • How to integrate Azure Cognitive Services, like Computer Vision, QnA Maker, and natural language processing in your solution. You’ll also learn how to create and manage bots using the Bot Framework and Azure portal. The course also covers leveraging Azure Time Series Insights, Stream Analytics and the IoT Hub for your IoT solution.

Key Learning Areas

  • Learn to develop for asynchronous processing and how to implement the appropriate asynchronous compute model.
  • Implement autoscaling in your solution and implement code that addresses transient state.
  • Discover how to implement large-scale, parallel and high-performance apps by using batches.
  • Learn to implement, and manage, distributed transactions.
  • Configure instrumentation in an app or service by using Application Insights and other tools.
  • Manage APIs by using API Management (APIM)
  • Create an APIM instance, configure authentication for APIs, create an API gateway, and define policies for APIs
  • Configure a message-based integration architecture by using the services included in Azure.
  • Configure an app or service to send email
  • Develop an application message model including message schema and message exchange.
  • Create an event model, topics, and subscriptions
  • Learn to develop solutions using Computer Vision.
  • Use speech services and natural language processing in your app.
  • Create and manage dictionaries for FAQ generation by using QnA maker.
  • Leverage Bing Search in your application.
  • Create and register simple bot using the Bot Framework, and manage a bot using the Azure Portal.
  • Configure Azure Time Series Insights for your IoT solution.
  • Configure the Stream Analytics Service for inputs and outputs for your IoT device.

Course Outline

This course comes with the following benefits:

  • Digital Courseware
  • Practice Labs
  • 30 Day Azure Pass
  • Practice Exam
  • Exam Voucher
  • Mentoring

Required Courses to complete the AZ-201 Microsoft Azure Developer Advanced Solutions Certification Track

AZ-201T01:  Develop for an Azure Cloud Model
AZ-201T02:  Implement Azure Development Integration Solutions
AZ-201T03 :  Develop Azure Cognitive Services, Bot, and IOT Solutions

Required Exam to complete the AZ-201 Microsoft Azure Developer Advanced Solutions and AZ-200 Microsoft Azure Developer Core Solutions to become a certified Microsoft Azure Developer Associate:

Exam AZ-203: Microsoft Azure Developer Associate

This is one of two exam preparation course tracks required to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate Certification. You must also complete the AZ-200: Microsoft Azure Developer Core Solutions Certification Track and pass Exam AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure in order to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate.

Exam AZ-202: Microsoft Azure Developer Certification Transition
This exam is intended only for candidates who have taken Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions. If you have not taken Exam 532, you will not earn a certification by taking this exam. This exam retires on March 31, 2019. A replacement exam may be available.

Who Benefits

These courses are for experienced programmers who want to develop and host solutions in Azure. Learners should have some experience with Azure and must be able to program in at least one Azure-supported language. These course focus on C#, Node.js, Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, and JavaScript.

SATV Redemption

Redeeming your Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers:

  • 4-Day SATV for a Classroom Live course
  • 4-Day SATV for a Virtual Classroom Live course