Course Overview

Most development these days is programming web applications. Everything from websites, to mobile apps, to game development. You don't want to miss out. So, hone your skills by becoming proficient at HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery in this 5-day hands-on course.

To become a web developer, there are three languages that all web developers must learn:

  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript

You'll learn the basics of HTML and CSS to design the look of your web pages. JavaScript (and jQuery) are then used to bring those web pages to life. We do assume a rudimentary knowledge of HTML and CSS prior to starting this class, and we assume you know how to use an editor such as Visual Studio Code. Prior programming experience is also required for this course.

This course starts out by describing HTML and how it helps you layout the overall structure of your web pages. You learn the basics of HTML elements and attributes through many examples.

To make your HTML look great, be more efficient and easer to maintain, Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) are the answer. You are shown how best to apply CSS to your web pages to make them look great. The Bootstrap library is the most widely used CSS library on the web. You are going to learn the basics of how to apply this library to your HTML.

The de-facto standard language for programming web pages is JavaScript. If you are new to JavaScript and jQuery, this course is for you. You are introduced to both JavaScript and the jQuery library. You learn to create functions, declare and use variables, interact with, and manipulate, elements on web pages using both JavaScript and jQuery.

Key Learning Areas

  • Basics of HTML 5
  • Basics of CSS 3
  • Bootstrap basics
  • JavaScript language overview
  • Display and get data from a web page
  • Declaring, using and naming variables
  • The data type and scope of variables
  • Arrays, string and literal objects
  • Math, comparison and logical operators
  • Decision structures such as if, switch, for and while
  • Functions, arrow functions and 'this'
  • Exception handling
  • Using built-in object methods
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • Responding to events in the DOM
  • Storing data in local/session storage
  • Object-oriented programming with JavaScript
  • Callbacks, promises and await/async
  • Closures and templating
  • Ajax calls
  • Getting up to speed with jQuery
  • Programming Google maps
  • Creating a Single Page Application (SPA)

Course Outline

  • HTML / HTML 5 Basics
  • CSS / CSS 3 Basics
  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Decision Structures
  • Functions
  • Exception Handling
  • Built-in Object Methods
  • DOM Manipulation
  • DOM Event Handling
  • Storage
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Closures and Templating
  • Calling Web API
  • Basics of jQuery
  • Programming Google Maps
  • Create a CRUD Single Plan Application

Who Benefits

This course is designed for any programmer who wants to learn to create business applications using JavaScript and jQuery. It is recommended that students are already familiar with some programming language, HTML and CSS.


Developers who attend this course should be familiar with writing applications in some language.