Course Overview

Our Comprehensive Dojo Training teaches attendees how to build powerful JavaScript Ajax applications using the Dojo Toolkit, Dijit, and DojoX. Students also learn advanced JavaScript Ajax applications. Coverage in this course spans beginning through advanced Dojo topics.

Key Learning Areas

  • Understand Dojo's API design and feature set
  • Master the use of Dojo's core features
  • Manipulate and traverse the Document Object Model using Dojo's DOM APIs
  • Create and control your own class hierarchy using Dojo's OO toolkit
  • Manage events via dojo/on and Dojo's publish/subscribe capabilities
  • Explore Dijit, the Dojo UI widget library
  • Learn how to debug Dojo applications
  • Use the Dojo Objective Harness to test your Dojo-based applications
  • Work with Dojo and JavaScript
  • Master advanced Dojo topics such as dojo/aspect and functions
  • Understand Dojo's API
  • Customize and create widgets
  • Work with Dojo from the MVC perspective
  • Use data, stores and grids
  • Create charts and organize data
  • Debug Dojo apps

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Dojo
  • Retrieving Elements
  • dojo/query
  • Basic Styling
  • Dojo and JavaScript
  • Dojo and Events
  • Dojo and Ajax
  • Dojo and Classes
  • Dijit Widgets
  • Styling Widgets
  • Creating Your Own Widget
  • Subclassing a Widget
  • Dojo and JavaScript
  • Advanced Dojo Topics
  • Promises and Deferreds
  • Customizing a Widget
  • Creating Your Own Widget
  • MVC with Dojo
  • Data, Stores, and Grids
  • Charting with dojox/charting
  • Debugging Dojo Apps
  • Conclusion


All students should have attended a Mastering JavaScript course or have equivalent experience. If attendees do not have thorough knowledge of JavaScript, please let us know and we will precede this course with a one-day JavaScript primer.