Course Overview

Day of Developing Custom Visuals for Power BI is an accelerated one-day training class designed to teach experienced developers how to develop custom visuals for Power BI reports and dashboards. Students will be introduced to the developer tools and utilities that are used to develop custom visuals for Power BI. You will learn how to set up a development environment for building custom visuals by installing Node.js and a toolchain, which includes Node Package Manager (npm), TypeScript, the Power BI Custom Visual Tool (PBIVIZ) and Visual Studio Code. This workshop uses a classroom training format which includes lectures, instructor demos and hands-on lab exercises. By completing the lab exercises in this workshop, attendees will gain hands-on experience developing and testing custom visuals in common development scenarios.

This class examines the latest version of the Power BI Visuals API that Microsoft created to assist in the development of custom visuals. Students will learn how to define the capabilities and data mappings for a custom visual and how to program D3-style data binding using categorical data from a Power BI dataset. The class demonstrates how to extend a visual with custom properties as well as how to take advantage of the powerful utility classes that are included along with the Power BI Visuals API. The class also demonstrates how to package a custom visual as a PBIVIZ file for distribution and demonstrates adding custom visuals to Power BI Desktop projects and publishing custom visuals to an organization.

This training course provides you with hands-on lab exercises to reinforce the Power BI custom visual concepts and techniques taught in the lecture. The lab exercises will guide you through setting up your own isolated Power BI development environment. During the course, you will complete lab exercises in which you build and test custom visuals using the Developer visual in the Power BI portal. When the course is over, you will be provided with access to a recording of the class so you can review the lectures and the instructor demonstrations as often as you like.

Course Outline

  • Moving from JavaScript to TypeScript
  • Getting Started Node.js and Visual Studio Code
  • Working with the Power BI Custom Visual Tool (PBIVIZ)
  • Testing and Debugging Your Visuals using the Developer Visual
  • Programming with D3.js Version 5
  • Defining Data Roles and Data Mappings
  • Extending a Visual with Custom Properties
  • Designing Custom Visuals using a View Model
  • Advanced Custom Visual Design Features
  • Packaging and Deploying Custom Visuals

Who Benefits



All students will require a PC for lab exercises running Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. Students should already be familiar with JavaScript. Previous experience with TypeScript and Node.js recommended, but not required