Course Overview

Deep Dive into Power Apps and Flow is an intensive 2-day online training class for technical specialists, web developers and IT professionals working with SharePoint Online, Power BI, Office 365, and Dynamics 365. This course teaches the essential concepts and visual designer skills required to build advanced business solutions using PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. Students will learn advanced techniques such as writing complex expressions for PowerApps and Flows and accessing REST-based data sources using custom connectors.

The course goes beyond the fundamentals of PowerApps and Flow teaching students how to design and build custom solutions for real-world scenarios in SharePoint Online, Power BI, the Common Data Service for Apps and Dynamics 356. The course examines issues with application lifecycle management (ALM) and explains best practices for building and testing custom solutions built with PowerApps and Flow in an isolated development environment and for packaging custom solutions for deployment to a production environment after quality assurance testing has been completed.

Key Learning Areas

  • Getting Started with PowerApps
  • Creating and Testing Apps with PowerApps Studio
  • Working with Screens and Controls
  • Understanding Connectors and Data Binding
  • Customizing Forms and Data Cards
  • Working with Variables and Collections
  • Managing Application State using Records and Tables
  • Using Table Functions for Filtering, Sorting and Grouping
  • Using Delegates to Filter, Sort and Aggregate Data
  • Writing Imperative Logic in PowerApps Event Handlers
  • Creating Custom Connectors
  • SharePoint Online and the Modern UI Experience
  • Building Apps to Add and Edit SharePoint List Items
  • Customizing SharePoint List Forms
  • What Is Microsoft Flow?
  • Working with the Flow Designer
  • Reviewing Flow Run History
  • Creating a Flow from Scratch
  • Creating Flows on SharePoint Lists
  • Working with the Start an Approval Action
  • Implementing the Approval Process
  • Monitoring Approval and Rejection
  • Managing Approvals using Approvals Center
  • Power BI Primer
  • Embedding Power BI Dashboard Tiles in PowerApps
  • Extending Reports using the PowerApps Custom Visual
  • Designing Flows to Update Real-time Dashboards
  • Common Data Service for Apps Overview
  • Creating the CDSA Database
  • Understanding Entities
  • Creating a Custom Entity
  • Importing Data into the CDS Database
  • Building Model-driven Apps
  • Publishing and Versioning PowerApps and Flow Solutions
  • Working in the PowerApps and Flow Admin Center
  • Installing and Configuring an On-Premises Data Gateway
  • Understanding Environments
  • Configuring Data Loss Prevention Policies
  • Packaging and Deploying Custom Solutions

Course Outline

  • Getting Started with PowerApps Studio
  • Designing PowerApps using Advanced Techniques
  • Building PowerApps for SharePoint Online
  • Introduction to Flow
  • Designing flows to Automate an Approval Process
  • Building PowerApps and Flows for Power BI
  • Working with the Common Data Service for Apps
  • Managing Application Lifecycle with PowerApps and Flow


All students will require a Windows PC for lab exercises running Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. Students should already be familiar with Microsoft Excel, Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Due to the accelerated nature of this training class, it is also recommended that students get some hands-on experience with PowerApps and Flow before the start of class by going through some of Microsoft’s introductory tutorials.