Course Overview

Formerly known as Premium and Ultimate edition, Visual Studio Enterprise edition provides the tools required by professional software development teams. This enables them to plan, design, test, and manage the DevOps of projects of any size or complexity.

Key Learning Areas

  • Visual Studio 2015 editions and capabilities
  • Work items, product backlog, and sprint backlog
  • Microsoft Test Manager
  • Managing and running manual tests
  • Testing from the web portal
  • Coded UI testing
  • Web performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Cloud-based web load and performance testing
  • Exploring code using dependency graphs
  • Exploring code using code maps
  • Architecture and UML diagrams
  • Using layer diagrams to validate design
  • Stakeholder feedback tools and licensing
  • Visual Studio diagnostic tools
  • .NET Memory dump analysis
  • IntelliTest
  • Fakes framework (unit test isolation)
  • Code coverage
  • CodeLens
  • IntelliTrace
  • Overview of Lab Management
  • Overview of Release Management

Course Outline

  • Visual Studio 2015 Overview
  • Planning and Tracking Quality
  • Designing for Quality and Scale
  • Testing Difficult Code

Who Benefits

This course is intended for members of a development team that use or plan to use Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition.


Attendees should be comfortable using a current version of Windows and be able to read and understand C# code. Experience with Visual Studio 2012/2013 Premium or Ultimate Edition is a plus.