Course Overview

Most .NET developers spend the majority of their working day within the confines of Microsoft Visual Studio. This full-featured IDE is packed with essential developer tools that make light work of common development tasks. The toolsets in Visual Studio are huge and grow larger with every release. However, most developers are simply not aware of the depth of valuable productivity tools available in Visual Studio.

This course peeks into every corner of the Visual Studio IDE. You'll spend each day discovering new areas within the tool, and also the optimal way to use the features you may already know. You'll learn, for example, how to extend Visual Studio with your own customizations, so that you can make it perform the way you want. You'll also learn how to approach testing applications and how to make code templates with the T4 Code generation tool. We also review the more advanced architecture tools concealed within the IDE.

Once your team takes this course, everyone in the group will have matching skill-sets that translate into better collaboration and productivity for your projects. This course is available for Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Key Learning Areas

  • Dig deep into the Visual Studio tools and IDE.
  • Learn how customizing the IDE and its editors increases developer productivity.
  • Protect your code base with source control providers like TFS, Git, or Subversion.
  • Master the server tools available in Server Explorer.
  • Troubleshoot faulty code effectively with the comprehensive collection of debugging tools.
  • Learn how IntelliTrace can transform the way you think about debugging.
  • Seize control of your build process with MSBuild.
  • Discover the rich set of testing tools available within Visual Studio.
  • See how data-binding and database features improve data management during development.
  • Survey the best ways to deploy an application to production.
  • Get an overview of domain specific tools (GUI, Data, Web, Office).
  • Get familiar with code generation tools.
  • Interact with and manage Azure services within the IDE.
  • Extensive set of hands-on labs included each day.

Course Outline

  • Optimal Configuration Settings
  • Code Editors
  • Debugging tools and tips
  • Working with IntelliTrace
  • Customizing the Editors
  • Code snippets
  • Code Generation
  • Nuget Packages
  • Interesting and useful VS Extensions
  • Testing and Performance tools
  • MSBuild secrets
  • Deployment and Installers
  • Working with Source Control providers
  • Extending and customizing the Visual Studio Environment
  • Office development and Integration
  • Working with Azure services
  • UI specific Tools
  • Web Developer Tools

Who Benefits

Visual Studio is the premier Microsoft developer environment.  Any developer, tester or software architect who works within the Microsoft ecosystem needs to understand and master this tool.


The expected audience for this course is development teams interested in learning how Visual Studio really works. Developers who attend the course should be familiar with.NET and a managed language like C# or Visual Basic