Course Overview

Facebook Integration and Development equips developers with the knowledge they need to integrate Facebook and websites to extend an organizations reach to Facebook’s billions of users.

Key Learning Areas

  • Learn all about how to set up a Facebook App
  • Learn how to authenticate users using Facebook.
  • Learn how to integrate Facebook feature into a website
  • Learn how to use Facebook’s search API’s in apps
  • Learn how to build apps for a Facebook Canvas

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Facebook and Facebook Apps
  • Authentication with Facebook
  • Facebook Dialogs
  • Searching, Reading and Writing Data with Facebook
  • Writing Apps for Facebook

Who Benefits

Anyone that is currently a web developer or an organization that wants to tap into potentially billions of users will benefit from learning all that is Facebook.


Persons who attend Facebook Integration and Development should have a working knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5, have a Facebook account, and also be familiar with Facebook.