Course Overview

Hadoop Administration is a three-day, lab-intensive hands-on course for the administrator who is charged with maintaining a Hadoop cluster and its related components. Hadoop is a system designed for massive scalability and is extremely fault-tolerant compared to other cluster architectures. As administrators, we need to install, configure, and maintain Hadoop on Linux in various compute environments.

Apache Hadoop is an OpenSource(™) framework for creating reliable and distributable compute clusters. Credited with the IBM Watson Jeopardy win in 2011, Hadoop can be used (with other related frameworks) to process large unstructured or semi-structured data sets from multiple sources to dissect, classify, learn from and make suggestions for business analytics, decision support, and other advanced forms of machine intelligence.

NOTE: For attendees reviewing this course along with courses in our Hadoop Developer curriculum, please note that there is minor overlap at the front end of each course, as attendees will complete a single exercise where the administrator would create and test-run a MapReduce program, as a developer or user would. The remaining exercises in this administration course are strictly geared for administration, installation and configuration issues.

Key Learning Areas

  • Practical, real-world management of Hadoop, targeted at Hadoop administrators.
  • Learn how to manage a Hadoop cluster and its related components.
  • Understand how to install, configure and maintain Hadoop on Linux.
  • Focused learning via Hands-on-Labs throughout the course.

Course Outline

  • Map/Reduce
  • Hadoop Architecture
  • Installing Hadoop
  • Test-running Hadoop Programs
  • Cloud Installations
  • Optimization and Tuning
  • Installing HBase (optional)
  • Hive Installation (optional)

Who Benefits

Administrators responsible to maintain a Hadoop cluster and its related components.

This hands-on class is approximately 40/60 lab to lecture ratio, combining engaging lecture, demos, group activities and discussions with comprehensive machine-based practical lab’s installing and configuring Hadoop.


Attending students should have Linux System Administration or equivalent experience.