Course Overview

ASP.NET revolutionized the way Web applications were developed by introducing an easy-to-use programming model for dynamically producing HTML content on Web servers. That revolution continues today, with Microsoft releasing modern, improved versions of ASP.NET every year.

In five information-filled days, Mastering ASP.NET 4.5 explores both the breadth and depth of ASP.NET, and provides practical, hands-on instruction on how to build cutting-edge Web applications. You'll learn the basics of ASP.NET and become acquainted with key services such as membership, role management, and output caching. You'll learn how ASP.NET works, how it integrates with IIS, and how you can leverage that knowledge to extend the platform. You will explore the new 4.5 features, learn about async keywords, find out more about the modern Web Form features and explore the improved Visual Studio IDE.

Just as importantly, you'll learn about the advanced techniques used to build scalable, high-performance ASP.NET Web sites.

Key Learning Areas

  • Understand the IIS and ASP.NET relationships
  • Get started with Web Forms, the classic way to build ASP.NET pages
  • Find out how to use Web Controls and build custom User Controls
  • Create common page structures with Master Pages
  • Explore the fantastic web tools available in Visual Studio
  • Learn how to create lean, lightweight server callbacks with AJAX
  • Discover the real way threads work in ASP.NET and learn how to use async effectively
  • Use URL paths successfully with routing
  • See the myriad ways to manage state in an stateless system
  • Dig deep into the data features of ASP.NET
  • Secure your site with the OAuth and Open ID
  • Improving Performance and Scalability of your site with caching, async and other techniques
  • Learn the new features added in ASP.NET 4.5
  • Extensive set of hands-on labs included each day to ensure comprehension of ASP.NET concepts

Course Outline

  • Web Servers and Dynamic Pages
  • Web Forms
  • Configuration
  • Web Controls
  • Visual Studio Tools
  • Master Pages
  • User controls
  • jQuery and JavaScript
  • AJAX and WebForms
  • State management
  • Routing
  • Data Access and Entity Framework
  • Data Binding
  • Data and Input Validation
  • Model Binding
  • Dynamic Data projects
  • Security
  • Errors and Diagnostics
  • Deployment
  • Improving Performance and Scalability
  • Caching
  • Async

Who Benefits

ASP.NET is the premiere web development tool in the Microsoft ecosystem. Anyone who wants to develop web applications on the Microsoft stack should take this course.


The expected audience for this course is development teams interested in building web applications with ASP.NET. Students who attend the course should be familiar with .NET, and a managed programming language like C# or VB.NET. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful.