Course Overview

ASP.NET MVC provides a solid, standards-based approach to web development. Each new release has brought major improvements to the web developer, and the latest are no different, adding features that simplify development and make your applications easier to secure and looking better than ever. Each iteration includes many improvements and enhancements, including mobile templates, better jQuery integration, async controllers, and minification. And now, the new MVC Web API framework makes it easy to build HTTP and RESTful services that interact with a broad range of clients, including mobile devices and desktop browsers.

This course shows features from the more recent releases (5.1, 5.0 and 4.0) and is packed with information that ensures your developer team understands the updates and is ready to integrate the new features in your next product release.

Key Learning Areas

  • Learn the latest enhancement to the MVC tools.
  • See how the OWIN and ASP.NET Identity enable better security and user login scenarios.
  • Learn how Bootstrap enhances UI development within MVC.
  • See the improved debugging tools available in Page Inspector and Browser Link.
  • Explore the latest web developer tools available in Visual Studio.
  • Use the new Intellisense features available in the CSS, HTML and JavaScript editors.
  • Using Async and Await effectively.
  • Create responsive UIs with Mobile templates and Display modes.
  • Explore how TypeScript, Knockout.js and other new JavaScript libraries enhance client-side code.
  • Learn how Bundling and Minification increase performance and lower bandwidth usage.
  • Create real-time bi-directional web communications with WebSockets and SignalR.
  • Extensive set of hands-on labs included each day to ensure comprehension of ASP.NET concepts.

Course Outline

  • Upgrading MVC Projects
  • Visual Studio IDE and Tooling Enhancements
  • Debugging Tools
  • .NET 4.5 Enhancements
  • Display Modes
  • Building Restful services with WebAPI
  • Async Improvements
  • Real-time web bi-directional communications with WebSockets
  • JavaScript Improvements
  • Important JavaScript libraries
  • Bundling and Minification
  • Single Page Application (SPA) templates
  • Security and ASP.NET Identity
  • OWIN
  • Mobile Template and Responsive Design

Who Benefits

Experienced ASP.NET MVC developers should take this course to learn the new tools and features added to the latest MVC versions.


The expected audience for this course is development teams interested in learning the new features in ASP.NET. Students who attend the course should be familiar with ASP.NET MVC, and a managed programming language like C# or VB.NET. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful.