Course Overview

This Azure AD B2C training course teaches developers how to work with the Azure AD B2C service, how to integrate it into their applications, and how to customize its appearance and behavior. Developers will also learn how to create and configure Azure AD B2C custom policies, how to use the Microsoft Graph API to manage Azure AD B2C user accounts, and how to configure their Azure AD B2C instances for Administrative and DevOps tasks.

Key Learning Areas

  • Identity Management Concepts
  • Creating Azure AD B2C service instances
  • Using the Azure AD B2C functionality
  • Integrating Azure AD B2C with applications using modern identity standard protocols
  • Customizing Azure AD B2C appearance and behavior
  • Advanced Azure AD B2C custom policy creation
  • Managing user accounts with the Microsoft Graph API
  • Managing Administration and DevOps configuration of Azure AD B2C resources

Course Outline

Azure AD B2C Service Introduction

  • Azure AD B2C Service Overview
  • Core Authentication Concepts
  • Provisioning an Azure AD B2C Tenant
  • Application Registration
  • Configuring and Selecting Identity Providers
  • Working with User Flows

Application Integration

  • Introduction/Overview of OAuth2 and OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Web Applications
  • Native & Mobile Applications
  • Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • Working with Web APIs
  • Self-Service Password Resets

User Interface Customization

  • Claims Selection & Configuration
  • Using Predefined Page Templates
  • Company Branding
  • Custom Page HTML
  • Using JavaScript

Introduction to Custom Policies

  • Overview/Introduction to Custom Policies and the Identity Experience Framework (IEF)
  • Getting Started
  • Building Blocks – Claims, Transformations, Content Definitions
  • Claims Providers – Introducing Technical Profiles, Claims Transformation & Self-Asserted (UI) Technical Profiles
  • User Journeys
  • Relying Party Specification

Advanced Custom Policies

  • More Technical Profiles – Making HTTP Requests, Validation, Working with Azure AD Storage and OpenID Connect Endpoints
  • User Journey Preconditions
  • Working with Custom Attributes
  • Using Claims Resolvers
  • Policy File Hierarchies and the Custom Policy Starter Pack
  • Integrating with Application Insights
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and One-Time Passcodes

Working with User Accounts

  • The Microsoft Graph and Graph API
  • Using the Graph Explorer
  • Using the Graph API – List, Create, Update, and Delete Users
  • Use Case – Importing Users

Administration & Operations

  • Configuring minimum permissions for developers
  • Scripting & DevOps Policy Deployments
  • Monitoring
  • Password Protection and Smart Account Lockout

Who Benefits

This course is for Azure application developers who are looking for guidance and best practices associated with using the Azure AD B2C service to support the identity and access control needs of their applications.


This course is for application developers who are planning to use the Azure AD B2C service for their applications’ identity needs. Although not required, developers will benefit from prior experience working with modern identity protocols.