Course Overview

"Blockchain" is the media buzzword, but it’s what developers and businesses can do with smart contracts that are changing the way that companies are doing business. Through smart contracts programming, logic can be applied to blockchains to facilitate business transactions. And, because of the way these apps work, they are enabling all participants on a blockchain to not only have a stake in the transactions, but are also providing secure storage, transparency, and verifiability to the transactions.

This course is designed to help developers obtain a deep knowledge of Solidity, the language of choice for writing smart contracts, and learn about the application development process that supports debugging, testing, and deployment of smart contracts.

Key Learning Areas

  • Understand Blockchain's technology, and how it works
  • Learn the Solidity programming language
  • Learn how to effectively use tools to facilitate developing Smart Contracts
  • Learn how to write apps that use Smart Contracts

Course Outline

  • What is a blockchain?
  • Solidity Software Development
  • Interfacing with Smart Contracts
  • Blockchains on Microsoft Azure (Optional)

Who Benefits

Developers and organizations that want to get a jumpstart on writing software that utilizes blockchain.


A solid background in software development