Tech on Fire: Azure File Storage

Tech on Fire: Azure File Storage In this edition you will learn how to create an Azure File Storage and mount it on Windows and Linux for easy to use file shares.

All The Ways to Run Containers on Azure

Containers are no longer the best kept secret in IT. Practically everywhere I go, I hear of organizations using containers for everything from small projects to mission critical 24×7 applications with 99.999% uptime SLA’s. These kinds of projects all have a myriad of different requirements and drivers that go into making the decision of where…

Tech on Fire: Azure IaaS – Load Balancers

Tech on Fire: Azure IaaS – Load Balancers In this edition you will learn how Azure Load Balancers provide connectivity for highly available applications like database clusters and web server clusters.

Tech on Fire: Azure – Peering & Virtual Network Gateways

Tech on Fire: Create a Hub-and-Spoke Topology on Azure with Peering and Virtual Network Gateways In this edition you will learn how to use an Azure Virtual Network Gateway and Azure Virtual Network Peering to create complex hub and spoke network topology on Azure.

On Being a Mentor

Mentoring is a big part of what I do professionally, but my path to being a mentor started with being mentored myself when I was still very young. It all started with my first computer, a Commodore 64, which is what got me interested in IT. My dad saw that I had this interest, and…

Power BI: When My Dataset is Too Big and My Reports are Too Slow

If you are importing around 10 million rows and no more than 100 MB of data in Power BI, more than likely you don’t have performance issues. But, if you trying to deal with more than 50 gigabytes of data in Power BI, and you have complex DAX measures there is a good chance you’re…

Missing Tests on Azure DevOps

Trying to integrate unit tests and code coverage Azure DevOps to other systems and things seem to be disappearing? Learn why it happens and how to fix it...