Tech on Fire: Azure IaaS – Load Balancers

Tech on Fire: Azure IaaS – Load Balancers In this edition you will learn how Azure Load Balancers provide connectivity for highly available applications like database clusters and web server clusters.

Tech on Fire: Azure – Peering & Virtual Network Gateways

Tech on Fire: Create a Hub-and-Spoke Topology on Azure with Peering and Virtual Network Gateways In this edition you will learn how to use an Azure Virtual Network Gateway and Azure Virtual Network Peering to create complex hub and spoke network topology on Azure.

Power BI: When My Dataset is Too Big and My Reports are Too Slow

If you are importing around 10 million rows and no more than 100 MB of data in Power BI, more than likely you don’t have performance issues. But, if you trying to deal with more than 50 gigabytes of data in Power BI, and you have complex DAX measures there is a good chance you’re…
Nextcloud on Azure

Nextcloud and Azure Blob Storage: A Match Made in the Cloud

Hosting your own File Sharing service like DropBox or OneDrive is not only possible, it’s actually not too hard. One of the most widely used products for doing just this is an app called Nextcloud. In short, Nextcloud is an open source web app written in PHP that acts as a front end for and…
Error Screen

High Availability vs. Disaster Recovery

Any good system that is targeting the public or the enterprise these days must be built to expect the unexpected. No system is perfect and at some point, something will happen that will render a system inoperative – a fire, a hurricane, an earthquake, human error – the list goes on. Because there are so…