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Jeffrey Richter’s Guide to Working with Azure Storage Tables via C# and other .NET Languages shares with you the lessons we learned and ways you can be more effective using Azure Storage Tables.
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Jeffrey Richter has worked with Azure Storage Tables for years and acquired a lot of lessons along the way!

Jeffrey Richter has been working with Azure Storage Tables on many projects since 2011. During this time, he learned many techniques that improve productivity, scalability, performance, while simplifying coding. In addition, he has also learned many techniques to avoid.

To share these lessons, Jeffrey put together a Guide (which was reviewed by Microsoft's Azure Storage Team) for Working with Azure Storage Tables and an accompanying .NET class library to simplify your everyday Table tasks. Wintellect has been using this library for years to assist migrating consulting customers to Microsoft Azure and is used heavily by Wintellect's own on-demand training service: WintellectNOW.

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Jeffrey Richter's Guide to Working with Azure Storage Tables has many purposes:

  • Help developers improve their mental model with respect to Tables.
  • Point out the good and bad parts of Microsoft's Azure storage library.
  • Introduce a set of patterns and practices related to Tables that have served Jeffrey very well over the years.
  • Introduce Jeffrey/Wintellect's (free) Azure Storage .NET library and how it adheres to a better Table mental model while increasing programmer productivity.

Access the Guide by filling out the form on this page and clicking 'Download the Guide'. Access the Wintellect Azure Storage Library described in the Guide via NuGet (see link below).

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Don't forget to check out Jeffrey's blog.