Learn Python Using the Best Language Features

Last week, Wintellect held a live coding Python webinar presented by Michael Kennedy, host of the TalkPython and PythonBytes podcasts. Michael provided a live coding session showing Python examples for:

  • Python lightning refresher
  • Tuple assignment and unpacking
  • Dictionaries for performance
  • Generators
  • Leverage inline methods with lambda expressions
  • __slots__

Using these best features and best practices of the Python language, attendees learned how to write more efficient and readable code which will also enable them to pick up other Python libraries more quickly.

StackOverflow’s 2017 Developer Survey Results has shown Python’s popularity has shot up 50% in the past 5 years. Python was also the most wanted language at 20.6%, meaning the language that developers want to use in 2017 after ranking 4th last year. We also found with polling during the webinar most of our audience at 53% had .NET/C# backgrounds and only 55% had a basic script knowledge of Python but were interested in learning the language and planned to use it this year.

The 1-hour webinar was followed by a 1/2-hour live Q & A session where attendees could ask Michael more questions about what they learned in the presentation or other questions about Python.

We hope you find this recorded Python webinar session useful. As Michael mentions in the webcast, he will be teaching two upcoming Python workshops if you are interested in learning more. The first is Python Jumpstart by Building Window’s 10 Apps on May 4th, 2017, followed by Write Pythonic Code Like a Seasoned Developer on May 5th, 2017. Michael is also presenting another Python Webinar geared towards those with backgrounds in .NET/C#. You can register for this webinar here: Python Jumpstart for .NET Developers

If you are interested in learning more our Python Training or Consulting, shoot us an email here.

You can download the code from the webinar here: Pythonic Code Through 5 Examples Demo Code. Or download the slide deck here: Learn Pythonic Code Through 5 Examples Slides.