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Modernize your legacy applications.

Are your legacy apps looking a little dated? Are they hard to maintain, or don’t work on devices like tablets and phones. Wintellect specializes in helping modernize your apps and moving them to the modern web.
Migrate your applications to AngularJs or React

Build your next application with AngularJS or React.

Wintellect specializes in building large scale, responsive, modern web applications using the latest AngularJS, React and JavaScript frameworks that work across all devices.

Angular allows you to build rich web applications by taking advantage of modern browser features, and reduces the time to build by giving you all the tools you need in one rich framework. This has made it one of the hottest JavaScript web frameworks on the planet, supported by a massive international community, and fully backed by Google. Angular was also built from the ground up with testing in mind, making the production of high quality code easier than ever. It also makes it simple for developers to separate business logic from markup, and promote reusability of both code and views.

React is another hugely popular framework, in a sense lighter weight than Angular as it covers only the View (UI) layer, without being as prescriptive about the entirety of the application code architecture.

Wintellect has deep experience with Angular and React, as well as building large-scale enterprise applications using the Angular framework. We have even contributed to the AngularJS code!

Modernize Silverlight apps

Migrate your Silverlight apps to the modern web.

With Silverlight applications no longer supported by modern browsers, Wintellect can help you migrate your apps to new open source and modern web technology stacks.

The shortcomings of plugin-based browser architectures, in terms of security, performance, stability, reach, and other considerations, are driving stakeholders and development teams to consider other options. In fact, modern web browsers no longer support it.

Rather than update existing Silverlight applications, companies are finding long term value and lower total cost of ownership by migrating their applications to modern platforms. Determining which modern platform is the match for a given scenario, however, can be challenging on multiple levels. For instance, modernizing from Silverlight to HTML5 has a different set of challenges and benefits than modernizing from Silverlight to a Windows Store app, or the WPF XAML framework.

Open standards, such as HTML5 and JavaScript open source libraries, are supported by a wide variety of browsers and platforms. Modernizing legacy Silverlight applications to an open source solution provides broad reach across multiple platforms and devices. On the other hand, modernizing from Silverlight to a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app or WPF application provides benefits as well, from the option to integrate user touch, to new deployment options; migrating to a modern native platform provides new options using familiar technology.

Desktop apps cross-platform with Electron

Take your desktop apps cross-platform with Electron.

The buzz today is all about Web. But where does that leave your desktop apps? When you need to take a client-based application and have it work cross-platform, Electron provides a way. It allows you to build cross-platform desktop applications using modern web and JavaScript technologies.

Let’s face it, most of the talk today is all about the web. But there are many applications that are simply not suitable for a web architecture. What can you do when you have a desktop (client) application that you still need to work cross-platform on both Windows and Mac?

Wintellect can help you here as well, courtesy of the Electron framework. Electron is the main framework behind many notable open source software applications, such as GitHub's text editor, and Microsoft's Visual Studio Code. It allows for the development of native desktop GUI applications using the Node.js framework, allowing you to build cross platform desktop apps with the standard and open technologies of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Call us. We can help.

Migrate your apps to the cloud

Add the power of the cloud!

Move faster, do more, and save money with Wintellect and Microsoft Azure. Take your applications to the cloud and easily scale to new heights while cutting costs. Then add modern DevOps practices to move faster and increase the efficiency of your development.

Properly architected cloud-based solutions can frequently be operated for a fraction of the cost of on premise or home-grown systems. For instance, Wintellect experienced a 70% cost reduction after moving our internal and external applications from a hosted environment to Azure. We can help you migrate your existing applications to the cloud so that you can see these benefits, too.

If your existing application is suffering from scalability issues, the cloud is an easy and cost-effective way to scale out without having to purchase new physical hardware. With enhancements, your app can take advantage of the scalability cloud technology offers.

Finally, when it comes to the development process pipeline from Development to Build, Test, and Deploy, DevOps is the new watchword. All of this is now available to you with the new capabilities in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Microsoft Azure.

Wintellect can help you make this move to the cloud, and identify the Azure Cloud functionality and services that best address your needs.