Recently, I have been involved with some videos related to threading and Windows Azure which I’d like to share with you:

  • I was the guest on an episode of AppFabric.TV released today! In this episode, I explain how asynchronous programming allows you to build scalable services. Watch the video here.
  • I recently did a Windows Azure roadshow in New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. The New York event was recorded and the introduction of it is available here.
  • Mads Torgersen of Microsoft’s Visual Studio team did a Channel 9 video discussing the new Async CTP and he mentions my involvement with it. The cideo is available here. Mads mentions me around 10 minutes into the video.

I hope you enjoy these,
— Jeffrey Richter (

  • The Windows Azure event is a must see for all the people that are yet new to this powerful platform.

  • wds_admin

    Hi Jeffrey,
    I have seen that video and its really very knowledgeable. I would like to ask a question regarding new feature Task introduced in .NET 4.0. According to your latest book CLR via C# (3rd edition) “Internally, the thread pool categorizes its threads as either worker threads or I/O threads.” Now my question is, if I call WCF service all by using task, whether internally will it use worker thread or I/O thread? Will my thread pool thread block when WCF service call is made?

    Many thanks,

  • That’s an inventive asnewr to an interesting question