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Cross-platform mobile development with Xamarin and UWP.

Mobile apps are a necessity in today’s digital age. Build them to work across all platforms with our experts on Xamarin and the Microsoft Universal Windows Platform.
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Build your next mobile app with Wintellect and Xamarin!

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

Wintellect specializes in cross-platform Xamarin mobile applications and is a certified Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner.

Here's why you should build your next mobile app with Wintellect and Xamarin.

  • Native - Xamarin produces native apps, not hybrids: native UI, native APIs, native performance!
  • Lower TCO - Smaller teams, reusable code results in a lower total cost of ownership.
  • One Language - Program in C#! The Xamarin APIs and data structures share an average of 75% of application code across all mobile development platforms.
  • Turn Key - One stop shopping! Mobile platform includes development tools, emulation, testing, analytics, education and support. All backed by Microsoft and community.
  • Certified - Wintellect is a certified Premier Xamarin Consulting Partner and our mobile engineers are Xamarin-certified cross-platform developers.
  • Experience - We have broad mobile experince and a deep understanding of the Xamarin platform.
Universal Windows Platform

Cover all your Microsoft device options with the Microsoft Universal Windows Platform.

Microsoft’s UWP allows you to build an application that works across all Microsoft device platforms—even on the HoloLens and Xbox One—and is made available on the Windows Store.

There are dozens of Windows-based devices in the world and they come in all shapes and sizes. Designing an app that looks great on all them used to be a daunting task. Now, with the Univeral Windows Platform, that task has become much easier.

The Univeral Windows Platform provides a bevy of features and components to reduce the time it takes to create cross-device apps. For example:

  • An effective scaling system - UWP apps automatically adjust controls, fonts and UI elements so they are legible across devices with different pixel densities.
  • Standardized input and interactions - Have the option to code against user interactions in a generic way; that is, not having to know whether a click came from a mouse or a touch interaction.
  • Universal controls - A toolbox of controls guaranteed to work well on any Windows-based device; from simple text boxes to fully featured list views.
  • Universal styles - Another toolbox of default styles and resources (such as fonts) that will ensure you app looks the same on all your Windows devices.
  • Flexibility - The UWP also allows you the flexibility to target specific features of particular devices to take advantage of their capabilities; you're not reduced to writing code for the lowest common denominator.

Wintellect has years of experience in the technologies composing the Universal Windows Platform and has written numerous articles and “cookbooks” for Microsoft. The next time you need to write a cross-device application, give us a call. We can get you there quicker.

Migrate your applications to AngularJs

Make your web app shine on mobile devices!

Designing web applications that work great on mobile devices is one of our specialties. Let us turn your classic web app into a modern, responsive, high performance mobile app that works across all major platforms.

It's no secret that creating web apps that look great on any form-factor is a difficult and time-consuming task. With our experience in modern web technologies such as Html5, CSS3, and JavaScript, as well as our mastery of frameworks such as AngularJS and Bootstrap, we can deliver responsive web apps in less time and cost that will look just as good on mobile devices as they do on desktop browsers.