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Instructor-Led Training
Introduction to Angular 2

2 day course

Languages: JavaScript, Angular 2, TypeScript, Redux
Course prepared by Eric Greene


Angular 2 is the latest JavaScript UI framework for building cross-platform, single page applications. Utilizing TypeScript, the concepts of Web Components, Reactive programming with Observables, and advanced change detection powered by Zones – Angular 2 is the most cutting edge framework available today. This class will serve as hands-on, comprehensive introduction to building Angular 2 applications today.

Key Learning Areas

  • Angular 2 Development Environment
  • TypeScript Strong-Typing, Decorators, Interfaces & Generics
  • ES2015 Modules and Classes
  • Component Driven Development
  • Template Databinding: Expressions and Event Handling
  • Transforming Data with Built-in and Custom Pipes
  • Dependency Injection and Creating Services
  • AJAX Calls with the Http Service using Promises and Observables
  • Configuring Routing
  • Working with Forms and Validations
  • Using Common Directives

Course Outline

Day 1

Angular 2 Overview

Setting up a Web Server, TypeScript and Webpack

Hello World Module and Component

Displaying a Collection of Data

Using Pipes to Transform Data

Creating a Form to Collect Data

Adding Validation to the Form

Setting Up Routing to switch between Views


Day 2

Overview of Dependency Injection

Creating a Service to Manage Data

Integrating with REST Services and Promises

Integrating with Web Sockets and Observables

Creating Custom Pipes

Composing Components

Overview of Unit Testing

Who Benefits

Developers looking to jump start their UI development with Angular 2.


Some experience with HTML, JavaScript and web programming is beneficial.


Public Classes

Duration: 2 day
Price: $599.00
3/8/2017 - 3/9/2017
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM