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Instructor-Led Training
Introduction to Groovy

Groovy is a dynamic scripting and programming language for the Java platform. It combines the dynamic features of modern scripting languages such as Ruby and Python with familiar Java syntax. To quote one of the Groovy developers: “Groovy is what Java would have been if it had been created in the 21st century.”

3 days course

Language: Java


Introduction to Groovy introduces the Java developer to the Groovy language.  This course focuses on understanding the internals of how Groovy works in addition to understanding the Groovy language syntax.  After taking this course developers will understand the Groovy syntax and be able to leverage existing Java classes within Groovy.

Key Learning Areas

  • Write applications using Groovy.
  • Understand how Groovy operates within the Java Virtual Machine.
  • Incorporate existing Java classes and libraries within Groovy applications.
  • Learn to add new methods and member variable to existing Java or Groovy classes dynamically.
  • Understand the role of Closures within Groovy.
  • Take advantage of Groovy’s simplified object configuration syntax.
  • Learn how to override operators for Groovy or Java classes
  • Understand the concept of Metaprogramming and how to leverage it to simplify application development.
  • Explore Groovy’s Regular Expression syntax for easily managing String processing

Course Outline

  • Language Overview
  • Basic Syntax and Scalar Variables
  • Collections
  • Flow Control
  • Classes
  • Advanced Classes and Closures
  • AST Transformations
  • Regular Expressions
  • Builders and Slurpers

Who Benefits

This an intermediate-level Groovy training course, designed for developers who need to understand how and when to use Groovy in Java and JEE applications. 

This class combines lecture with a unifying, hands-on experience, and open discussion that will help the developer quickly understand the benefits of Groovy and how to use the language.


Attendees should have practical basic Java development experience.


Public Classes

We're sorry, there are no open enrollment classes currently scheduled for this course.